After Brexit: how the United Kingdom is coping with a new trade landscape

When voters in the United Kingdom decided to sever a 40-year-old relationship with the European Union last year, few of them likely considered the potential consequences of punishing tariffs and the loss of free access to the European market of 500 million consumers. STONELEIGH PARK, U.K. — Voters in the United Kingdom may have decided […] Read more

Irish farmers worry about loss of U.K. market

DUBLIN, Ireland — Ireland and the United Kingdom may have had their differences over the years, but the two share a strong interdependent business alliance. Bound by cultural ties, proximity and a common language, the two are each other’s best and largest trading partners. As the U.K. prepares to withdraw from the European Union, that […] Read more

Uncertainty reigns in Scotland as Brexit looms

EDINBURGH, U.K. — British farmers need to start preparing for all contingencies once the United Kingdom gives up membership in the European Union. “If farmers stopped thinking about the politics of Brexit and started getting some business planning in place so that when the implications of Brexit actually do come to rest, their mindset is […] Read more

English producers prepare for breakup with European Union

STONELEIGH PARK, U.K. — When voters in the United Kingdom went to the polls in June to decide whether they wanted to stay in the European Union, many thought people would opt for the comfort of the status quo. “The expectation from everybody was that it would be close but that it would be remain,” […] Read more

Navigating BREXIT

Calgary-based Western Producer reporter Barbara Duckworth was in Britain recently and spoke with farmers and policy makers about BREXIT and what it could mean for the country’s agricultural industry. In that understated English way, Brian Lear describes BREXIT as a “bit of a mess.” The English beef producer wonders where agriculture sits on the agenda […] Read more

So what happens next?

For many farmers in the United Kingdom, the aftermath of succession from the European Union could be nicknamed Nexit. The decision to leave the 40-year-old relationship in 2019 has left many people in agriculture swimming in a sea of uncertainty as everything from farmer payments, labour availability, regulations, tariffs and border controls is up for […] Read more

Ireland braces for loss of markets, subsidies

CAMROSE, Alta. — As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union, Ireland watches the process with trepidation. Ireland is an exporting nation where half of its business is conducted with the U.K. As Brexit negotiations begin, Ireland will be one of 27 nations negotiating and it will not receive favoured status, said a […] Read more

Unknown impact of Brexit worries feed company in Northern Ireland

The divorce of the United Kingdom from the European Union could herald a period of reduced feed costs for Northern Ireland’s livestock farmers if trade negotiations work out in their favour. Post Brexit, Northern Ireland will be the only part of the U.K. that physically borders the European Union (Ireland), which will present trading challenges […] Read more

U.K. farmers will lose in Brexit move

Across the centuries, Great Britain has given the world many things uniquely British — the Puritans, Andrew Carnegie, the Beatles. However, on June 23, it gave the world another significant gift: a big step into the dark abyss of a go-it-alone future in today’s ever-globalizing world. Sure, most of the United Kingdom’s citizens who voted […] Read more

Brexit casts cloud over Canada-EU trade deal

In the short term, the Brexit means Canada-U.K. and Canada-EU trade could be disrupted by currency volatility. In the long run, it’s hard to say what will happen, but free trade with Europe now seems much less likely than it did two days ago. Those are some of the quick conclusions of Sylvain Charlebois, the […] Read more