New U.S. duties on biodiesel will create void

If the U.S. plans to fill the gap created by slamming the door on Argentina and Indonesia, it may need Canadian canola

A biodiesel dispute involving the United States and other countries could end up boosting demand for Canadian canola oil, depending on how it plays out, says an analyst. The U.S. Commerce Department has issued preliminary countervailing duties against biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia. Preliminary determinations from the companion antidumping investigation are expected in October. The […] Read more

Biodiesel plant takes new path

An Alberta biodiesel plant has switched focus and is now producing food grade canola oil. Fame Biorefinery has given up on plans to build as many as a dozen six to 10 million litre biodiesel plants in Western Canada. The one million litre pilot plant it built four years ago in Airdrie, Alta., is now […] Read more