Cashing in on the de-icing business would give sugar beet growers another market, potentially boosting acres and economic returns.  |  File photo

Beet growers eye road de-icing market

Beet juice can beat snow and ice in winter road conditions, but the stuff being used in Calgary and elsewhere in Western Canada does not come from Alberta-grown sugar beets. Alberta Sugar Beet Growers would like to change that because another use for their product could mean more acres and higher economic returns. “We believe […] Read more

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers executive director Melody Garner-Skiba estimates Alberta farmers produced enough beets to yield 138,869 tonnes of sugar, which would be enough to sweeten 3.5 million cans of pop or make 15.4 billion sugar cookies. | File photo

Alta. farmers wrap up sugar beet harvest

Southern Alberta’s sugar beet harvest is complete, comprising more than 820,000 tonnes of beets and an average yield of 28.67 tonnes per acre. Processing of all those beets continues at the Roger’s Sugar factory in Taber, Alta., and trucking beets from the outlying piling stations is under way, said Alberta Sugar Beet Growers executive director […] Read more

Sugar beets are topped before being dug on the Jensen farm east of Taber, Alta. |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Alta. growers see near record-setting sugar beet harvest

TABER, Alta. — The 28,000-acre southern Alberta sugar beet harvest is nearing completion with the possibility of record-breaking yields. Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen, president of Alberta Sugar Beet Growers, said growing conditions favoured sugar beets this year. “There was a little bit of hail in the area that affected some of the acres, but overall they’re expecting […] Read more