Beef check-off truce likely

INNISFAIL, Alta. — Beef producers in Alberta may be approaching an agreement on how to handle a $3 levy collected on every animal sold. Nothing is official but a plebiscite may be proposed to create a beef industry development fund and an agreed upon division of money among industry groups. “The biggest hitch is, where […] Read more

EU and Canada settle cattle battle at the WTO

GENEVA, Oct 3 (Reuters) – The European Union and Canada have ended a 21-year dispute over hormone-treated meat after negotiating a wider trade agreement, they said in a filing published by the World Trade Organization on Tuesday. The settlement of the dispute at the WTO, which began in 1996, was facilitated by a liberalisation of […] Read more

The church that beef built

Cattle sale fundraisers were the backbone 
of Airdrie United Church — one reason it registered its own cattle brand

It’s a church built upon Alberta beef. And that’s why it’s also a church that once had a registered cattle brand, the simple AUC registered for the left rib. Airdrie United Church celebrates its 115th anniversary April 28-30 and while preparing display material for the festivities, Reverend Karen Holmes came across the notice of renewal […] Read more

The name of the game— certification

April 29, 2016. It is the day that Earls, a Vancouver based restaurant chain, made an announcement that not only shook the Canadian beef industry to its core, but also solidified a stark new reality for Canadian producers — a reality that is now, more than ever, augmented by public opinion and must be adapted […] Read more

Hindu scientist makes case for eating beef

Nutritional study shows people who eat beef are less likely to suffer from vitamin or mineral deficiencies

EDMONTON — Sangita Sharma does not eat beef, but she may be one of the best friends the industry has. “I am a Hindu and I don’t eat it, but as a scientist I am promoting beef,” she said. She has become such a strong advocate for beef that she believes retail beef should labelled […] Read more

Beef access to Mexico resumes; could be bigger than expected

Canada’s beef industry and federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay are celebrating today because Canadian beef producers now have full access to the Mexican market. In a conference call this morning from Mexico, where he was on a trade mission, MacAulay said details have been finalized, and normalized beef trade with Mexico has been restored. “It […] Read more

Beef sector gets good grades for sustainability

BANFF, Alta. — The Canadian Round Table on Sustainable Beef has released its national beef sustainability assessment that shows the industry is doing many things well but has some areas needing improvement. The round table consisting of 93 members from agriculture producers to major food corporations commissioned Deloitte to conduct the life cycle analysis in […] Read more

President proud of service with Canada Beef

Rob Meijer leaves Canada Beef with no regrets and a lot of pride in what the organization achieved in five years. “There are times in life when it is just the right time and it is a chapter in my career that I can put in the database and say that was a good five […] Read more

Beef markets giveth, beef markets taketh away

U.S. analyst estimates the American feedlot sector lost $1.6 billion last year after record prices in 2014

The fastest upward move in the beef markets starting in 2013 has been followed by a shocking reversal in fortune. Feedlots in Canada and the United States earned record profits and then faced disastrous losses, said market analysts from Canfax and Cattlefax. “The feedlot industry has given a lot of that profitability back with some […] Read more