Warmer climate may hike insect, disease risks

Warmer winters or extreme events such as floods and drought could allow bacteria and fungi to thrive and spread

Got the crawling skin feeling? We may all have to get used to it. Ticks, parasites, fungi and other pests could become more common in Western Canada, if climate change forecasts bear out. Last year went into the record books as the warmest year ever, and now NASA’s mid-year climate analysis for 2016 says it […] Read more

Beef sector gets good grades for sustainability

BANFF, Alta. — The Canadian Round Table on Sustainable Beef has released its national beef sustainability assessment that shows the industry is doing many things well but has some areas needing improvement. The round table consisting of 93 members from agriculture producers to major food corporations commissioned Deloitte to conduct the life cycle analysis in […] Read more

Beef experts share productivity advice

Bigger carcass size is key to productivity, but that must go hand-in-hand with quality, low-fat meat to reap profits

When the Canadian beef strategy was released last year, one of its goals called for a productivity increase of 15 percent by 2020. During the Canadian beef industry conference held last month in Calgary, four major players ex-plained their approach to achieving that goal. It involves better genetic selection, adoption of technology and improved information […] Read more

Japan deal vital if TPP gets axe

If the Trans Pacific Partnership founders, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association wants the federal government to pursue a separate free trade agreement with Japan. None of the 12 member countries have ratified the deal, but if the United States turns it down, the entire agreement could fail, the CCA foreign trade committee was told during the […] Read more

Campaign set to ignite Canadian exports

When Saskatchewan rancher Jack Hextall participated in his first trade mission to Asia, he took along a photo album to show his hosts pictures of his home at Grenfell. He was pleasantly surprised when people showed a genuine interest and wanted to learn more about his home and how he produces beef. “They really want […] Read more