National beef verification program urged

Programs are inconsistent across the country with different eligibility requirements and funding, so retailers are slow to sign on

PENTICTON, B.C. — More food companies are demanding higher quality assurance standards, which means beef producers need to get on board. “We have two choices: they can define how we do it or we can work with them,” said Andrea Brocklebank, head of the Beef Cattle Research Council, which provides funding and support for the […] Read more

Ranchers honoured for stewardship

CRESTON, B.C. — Richard and Nancy Martens of Vanderhoof are British Columbia’s most recent environmental stewardship award winners. The award was presented at the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association’s annual meeting in Creston May 23. It recognized the Martens’ contribution to improving grazing and water management on their ranch, which is owned by a family partnership called […] Read more