Carbon tax Down Under went under

This is the final instalment examining the issues surrounding carbon pricing, greenhouse gas emissions and how farmers can do their share without having to pay more than their fair share 
to do it.

Some Australian farmers saw their costs rise as new taxes shifted money from producers and processors to carbon reduction projects across that continent. However, a change in government put a stop to all that. Half a dozen years ago, a Labour government in Australia brought in an ambitious program that quantified greenhouse gas emissions from […] Read more

Australian state has ‘desperately dry’ weather

An emerging drought in Western Australia could reduce wheat and canola production in that state. The western portion of the state has experienced “serious and severe rainfall deficiencies” during the fall months of March to May, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Large portions of the state have received rain that is in the […] Read more

Frost, hail, lack of rain drain Australia’s output

Optimism fades | Most states suffered weather and disease issues but Western Australia is the ‘shining light’

Australia’s crops keep getting smaller. Rural Bank, a major Australian farm lender, has released its production estimates for the country’s major crops. The bank forecasts 23.3 million tonnes of wheat, 7.27 million tonnes of barley and 3.43 million tonnes of canola. The wheat forecast is 932,000 tonnes below the Australian government’s September estimate, and the […] Read more

El Nino could slash eastern Australian winter crop production

Drought looming? | Analyst looks at cooling trend in Indian Ocean

Australia’s winter crops are off to a terrific start, but the finish will depend on weather conditions, which look dicey for the east and encouraging for the western part of the country. Nick Goddard, executive director of the Australian Oilseeds Federation, said good rain and unusually warm weather combined to create ideal seeding conditions. “In […] Read more

Wheat farming in crisis in Western Australia

Australia grows five percent of the world’s wheat crop but provides 12 to 15 percent of the wheat annually traded on the global market. Western Australia, on 12 million acres, grows 80 percent of the wheat exported by Australia and many wheat farmers in the state are in big trouble. Several poor seasons, increases in […] Read more

Growing pains

 Western Producer reporter Brian Cross is in Australia to meet  grain industry experts and talk to farmers in the post Australian Wheat Board era. He will explore how the grain handling industry has fared since it completed its transition from a single desk to an open market in 2008, and whether it holds any lessons […] Read more