Robin Bingham’s dairy farm in Northern Ireland is using a plasma reactor to reduce ammonia emissions from its 1,200 cows.  |  Chris McCullough photo

U.K. farm fixes nitrogen with plasma reactor

The company that developed the process says it could save farmers up to 20 percent of their artificial fertilizer costs and reduce ammonia

A large dairy farm in Northern Ireland is testing a new system that can reduce ammonia emissions while also producing its own liquid nitrogen fertilizer. This new concept, developed by Norwegian company N2 Agri, involves passing manure or digestate through a plasma reactor to produce liquid nitrogen fertilizer. This process, says the company, could save […] Read more

Manure vacuums like the Mensch can free producers from tying their barns to their manure processing. A roots-type blower pulls in large volumes of material that is gathered by giant squeegees that ride on the barn floor.  |  Michael Raine photo

The Mensch vacuum really sucks

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Since the days of the pitchfork and wheelbarrow, farmers’ approaches to cleaning up the barn have been to automate the process as much as possible. That has driven producers to underfloor systems, various gutter designs, pumps and augers, which often keep manure handling processes fixed on single bedding protocols and materials and […] Read more

The 12SR Bale Scoop Plus carries 168 small square bale per load.  |  Robin Booker photo

Morris Bale Scoop now handles more sizes

Woodstock, Ont. — Handling small square bales just got a little easier thanks to recent changes Morris made to their 12SR Bale Scoop. “This is a piece of equipment we’ve had out for a number of years,” said Lisa Gaskin, ProAG product manager. “It’s used to pick up three-by-three, three-by-four and four-by-four large square bales, […] Read more

A Groweil 5040 with a New Holland 450 baler set up for silage. The wrapper works on the go and is available as a factory option from the company.  |  Michael Raine photo

New Holland adds single-bale wrapping

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Bale silage can be a time consuming and time-critical business. The wet bales need to be under plastic in a matter of hours. New Holland has added the single-bale, wrap on the go feature to its 450 model balers for 2018. Neil Martin of New Holland in Elmira, Ont., said that while […] Read more

Quick change metering cassettes provide a range for seed or fertilizer from 1.4 to 357 pounds per acre. The large diameter cassettes keep the peripheral speed of the seed low to reduce damage.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Speed offsets size in new disc drill

Growers place more importance on precision than size when seeding high-value crops that require precise placement

LANGHAM, Sask. — Speed and seed placement are more important than size when selecting a disc drill. Amazone attended this summer’s Ag In Motion farm show to promote that idea, debuting its new Cirrus 4003 drill. The German-built drills are available as one hopper or two hopper units with a capacity of 102 bushels, says […] Read more

If Rubicon failed to satisfy your lust for big iron, the six-wheel drive Hexx Traxx 12-row one-pass beet harvester tops the beets, digs them, cleans them and conveys them up into the 30 ton hopper.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

The best of Big Iron

FARGO, ND – If you go to a farm show that flaunts the macho title “Big Iron” you’d expect to see some pretty large implements, right? We found them at the 2018 Big Iron Show in Fargo last week, and here’s a sampling of some Big Iron stories we’ll be bring you in the near […] Read more

Morris introduced its new Quantum drill at Ag In Motion, billing it as a seeding machine with a possible double-duty future as a cultivator.  The morning demo featured the cultivator component.  The afternoon demo featured the drill component.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Driller and tiller: seeder has heavy-duty ideas

LANGHAM, Sask. — The new dual purpose Morris Quantum was demonstrated at this summer’s Ag In Motion farm show as both a seed drill and an experimental cultivator. In the 11 a.m. cultivation demonstration on each day of the show, an experimental version of the Quantum did a pass outfitted with 16-inch sweeps and a […] Read more

50 years after the first Gators roamed the Prairies, Agco has introduced three new three-wheelers plus one new four-wheeler.   Owners can now choose among six different dry product applicators.  |  Agco photo

New TerraGator C Series offers choices

It’s been 50 years since Gator was introduced, and it’s still going strong with new three-wheel and four-wheel models

The new Challenger TerraGator C floaters have come a long way since the first TerraGators roamed the Prairies a half-century ago. The Series C are still the technology leaders, according to Agco. The C Series includes three new three-wheel models, the TG7300C, TG8300C and the TG9300C. The series also includes one new four-wheel model, the […] Read more

Salford gives precise control to granular spread by using a left/right division, individual spinner control and controlled multi-fin dividers. Until recently, the term “spinner spreader” was not heard in conjunction with the term “precision farming.” But more companies are upgrading their control technology to put a new spin on the word  “spreader.” |  Salford photo

Sniper spinner spreader provides swath control

We haven’t normally associated spinner spreaders with precision farming, until recently. More spreader manufacturers are employing new technology so growers can apply high granular volumes with precise accuracy. The Salford Group says its new BBI Sniper spinner spreader delivers targeted dry fertilizer rates at swath widths up to 120 feet. Like all variable rate spreaders, […] Read more