Production in the states of New South Wales and Queensland has been hardest hit by severe dry conditions over the last several years. That has resulted in poor yields and with some crops being cut for hay instead.  |  file photo

Australia’s troubled wheat crop

WINNIPEG, (MarketsFarm) – Things in 2019/20 are not looking good for Australia’s wheat crop and it’s not only due to the country’s ongoing drought. As production in Australia has been on the decline, it’s also losing its market share of global exports as the United States Department of Agriculture attaché reported. Released on Jan. 31, […] Read more

For insurance, producers may choose one, two or three weather stations to best represent conditions on their farm and within proximity of their land base.  |  Michael Raine photo

Alberta changes perennial forage insurance

Changes to perennial forage insurance for 2020 have been implemented by Alberta’s Agriculture Financial Services Corp. In response to industry feedback, AFSC has recalculated historical pasture normal yields for 2020, resulting in increased coverage. It has also updated methods of determining price options “to better reflect feed replacement cost in the event of a loss”, […] Read more

Total 2019/20 (Aug/Jul) exports of Canada's grain, oilseed and pulse crops as of the end of December came in at 17.6 million tonnes. That compares with the 20.7 million tonnes moved during the same five-month period the previous year. | File photo

Canadian grain exports behind on year due to poor Chinese demand

Winnipeg, (MarketsFarm) – Canadian grain exports from licensed facilities are running well behind the previous year’s pace, due primarily to a sharp reduction in movement to China, according to latest monthly data from the Canadian Grain Commission. Total 2019/20 (Aug/Jul) exports of Canada’s grain, oilseed and pulse crops as of the end of December came […] Read more

Market development work pays off for oats in Mexico

The Canadian oat industry says its success in Mexico is the result of social media campaigns and cooking contests

Canadian oats continue to make a big splash in Mexico. Alan Butuk, chair of the Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission (SaskOats), said Mexican imports of Canadian-grown oats have the potential to exceed 200,000 tonnes in 2019. That’s a remarkable number, considering annual exports just a few years earlier were lingering in the 40,000 tonne range. Butuk […] Read more

The Canadian Wheat Research Cluster is negotiating a new funding agreement for Agriculture Canada wheat breeding.  |  File photo

Producers urged to grasp plant breeding opportunity

The head of Saskatchewan’s general farm organization says the province’s farmers have a great opportunity to help determine the federal government’s future role in wheat and barley breeding and variety development. Todd Lewis, president of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan, said earlier this month that there’s a growing sense that Ottawa is looking for […] Read more

Smart Earth Camelina Corp. hopes to contract about 15,000 acres of production this year.  |  File photo

Sask. company has faith in camelina’s future

Crop has the potential to displace fish oil in the aquaculture industry because of high levels of omega 3 fatty acids

After years of minimal growth, camelina acres could soon explode in Saskatchewan. Smart Earth Camelina Corp., a Canadian company that develops camelina varieties, sells seed and contracts production of camelina, hopes to contract about 15,000 acres of production in 2020. That’s still small, but it’s up from 5,000 acres in previous years and the company […] Read more

Canada has exported 2.2 million tonnes of durum during the crop year to date, according to the latest data from the Canadian Grain Commission for the week ended Jan. 12. That compares with the 1.5 million tonnes exported during the same time period the previous year.
 | File photo

Tight supplies and solid demand boost durum

Canada has exported 2.2 million tonnes of durum so far this crop year, which is up from 1.5 million tonnes last year

WINNIPEG —Tighter global supplies are keeping the Canadian durum market well supported this winter, with firmer prices likely when the Port of Thunder Bay reopens for spring. “We’re seeing a very strong export demand for durum,” said Jerry Klassen, manager of Canadian operations with Swiss-based GAP S.A. Grains and Products in Winnipeg. Canada has exported […] Read more

Research and development teams from OriginClear and Depuporc meet at a research farm in Aragon, Spain, to discuss future waste-water treatment plans. Because of initial treatment projects, Depuporc has already experienced a 13 percent increase in piglets per sow per year. Animal welfare is the number one method of increasing productivity in Spain. Animals in the boardroom remind researchers of that fact.  |  OriginClear photo

Water treatment tech tackles manure

Concentrated animal feeding operations around the globe are mucking in manure. How can you break manure down into basic benign elements and transport them where they can be useful? The global population is becoming more affluent and they have a strong hunger for animal protein. CAFOs are transitioning from cooler northern and southern climates toward […] Read more

Producers can use a variable rate program to reduce inputs in poor-performing areas.  |  File photo

Precision ag helps farmers find their best acres

Farming all the acres the same can result in potentially failing the better ones and over-investing in the worst

Implementing precision ag strategies doesn’t have to be overwhelming. “Don’t not do something because it’s not perfect because we’re never going to get perfect,” said Terry Aberhart, owner of Sure Growth Technologies. When Aberhart started training and educating people through his independent agronomy consulting company, he strived to teach a comprehensive understanding of precision ag […] Read more

Corteva Agriscience thinks the new high-protein canola hybrids would help narrow the gap with U.S. soybean meal.  |  File photo

Corteva takes another stab at boosting protein in canola

Corteva Agriscience is taking a second crack at increasing the protein content in canola seed and this time it is enlisting the help of other private and public breeders. A consortium led by Corteva, including processors Bunge and Botaneco, is investing $27.65 million in a project designed to make canola hybrids that will produce more […] Read more