Future uncertain following B.C. election

SUMMERLAND, B.C. — British Columbia Fruit Growers Association president Fred Steele doesn’t want to set anything in stone when it comes to reactions from the May 9 B.C. election. “I think we really don’t know yet. It’s too soon to tell,” he said the morning after the election that saw the Liberal party win the […] Read more

B.C. hit by flooding

SUMMERLAND, B.C. — Farmers hit by floods in central British Columbia may be eligible to receive disaster financial assistance. The funds are available to eligible farmers and others affected by ongoing floods that began May 4. Meanwhile, two men remained missing May 8, one whose home was swept away in a mudslide in Tappen, near […] Read more

VIDEO: Soybean pest headed our way

SUMMERLAND, B.C., RALEIGH, N.C. — What has been called the most destructive pest affecting soybean yields in the United States has a new nemesis — the enemy within. In effect, genetic material from the nematode is being turned against itself. Scientists at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan., have used a gene targeting method known […] Read more

B.C. tree fruit growers gain pest management tool

SUMMERLAND, B.C. — Okanagan tree fruit growers have been handed a new tool to help them better adjust to potential climate change effects. Growers in the Okanagan Valley will be able to access a pest management decision-making database, originally developed at Washington State University and adapted for conditions north of the border. Melissa Tesche, acting […] Read more