Loblaw, Weston bake the numbers, burn consumers in price-fix scandal

Most Canadians were stunned and dismayed to learn that the country’s leading grocer was caught in a price-fixing scheme with bread-maker George Weston Ltd., which is owned by the same company. The scheme lasted from 2001 to 2015. As a result, Loblaw Companies Ltd. fired several people and gave $25 gift certificates to millions of […] Read more

Tax reforms fail to understand ag sector

Until recently, two things were certain in life: death and taxes. We can now add a third one: botching the promotion of a tax reform for political gains. Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s tax reform has been a communications disaster. Claims about Ottawa’s intentions to revamp our tax system for small corporations have been ridiculous. Some […] Read more

Brazil in mother of all food fraud cases

Brazil, the largest exporter of meat products in the world, faces a food fraud crisis — and it seems federal authorities have been complicit. There’s a lesson here for Canada. Brazilian authorities recently announced they would investigate several companies, including meat packing giants JBS SA and BRF SA. The companies are accused of bribing licensed […] Read more

Cheap food challenges food industry

Making money in the food business isn’t nearly as simple as it once was. It’s becoming cheaper to buy food in Canada — prices fell in August for the first time in years in every province except Alberta. And the Statistics Canada data may indicate the start of significant ongoing food deflation. But while consumers […] Read more

Bayer may give GMO new lease on life

Putting Monsanto out of its misery could shift future debates about genetically modified crops to arguments based on fact rather than emotion. Agricultural chemical and seed technology giant Monsanto is arguably the most detested company in the world. But Bayer’s acquisition of St. Louis-based Monsanto will likely mean the latter (or at least its brand) […] Read more

China may wane as meat export market

China is one of the world’s largest meat consumers. It currently consumes 28 percent of the globe’s meat, including half of its pork. While the average Chinese consumer used to eat about 13 kilograms years ago, meat consumption is now up to 63 kilograms per person. These are staggering numbers, and if nothing changes, they […] Read more

Canada’s food costs not hard to swallow

Food unites us all and Canada is certainly not immune to global pressures affecting food systems. Food price hikes these days have no borders, or so it seems. Prices have gone up in Canada, but also in other countries. While summer is a great time to get reacquainted with our BBQ, it’s also a time […] Read more

Consumers explore beef alternatives

North American consumers are starting to notice price in-creases at the meat counter. Meat prices in the United States jumped 8.4 percent in April from the previous year, while meat prices in Canada are likely to go up by five to six percent this year. Given that meat prices barely rose over the previous two […] Read more

Canada’s global trade awakening begins

Two new trade deals have given Canadian agriculture a much-needed lift in recent months. The new potential openings in the Europe Union and South Korea are timely, coming in the wake of the behemoth $1 trillion U.S. farm bill that clearly undermines the Canadian livestock industry with its protectionist country-of-origin labelling rules. Canada’s true global […] Read more

The new U.S. farm bill is so unCOOL

The new American farm bill contains significant bad news for Canada. Signed by president Barack Obama a few weeks ago, this $956 billion deal will increasingly isolate America from the global agrifood market, and the once strongly integrated North American agricultural economy will become progressively less fluid. Frankly speaking, this strategy appears to suggest that […] Read more