Farmers with children who will eventually inherit the farm but do not necessarily want to farm it may consider transferring the land to those individuals. This can be done in a couple of ways.
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How to pass on land to non-farmers

Estate plans are key when trying to figure out how to keep non-farming children involved in the family operation

Farmers with children who will eventually inherit the farm but do not necessarily want to farm it may consider transferring the land to those individuals. This can be done in a couple of ways. In Saskatchewan, for instance, land can be held by multiple individuals in two ways: as joint tenants or as tenants in […] Read more

There are advantages and disadvantages in transferring freehold mineral interest to a corporation rather than to individual beneficiaries.  | REUTERS/Nick Oxford photo

Keeping the mineral rights right

If there isn’t an oil well on the back 40, mineral rights may be something you never even think about, but maybe you should. “Often the family is not even aware of their existence until they are discovered during a routine title search in the administration of a deceased family member’s estate,” says Humboldt, Sask., […] Read more

Couples divorcing face the same dilemma that besieges non-divorcing couples: how to make things fair for the kids that aren’t farming?  |  Getty Images

When grey divorce meets estate planning

When practicing matrimonial law, the first thing Wynyard, Sask., lawyer Bill Klebeck asked farmers seeking a divorce was, “how many kids do you have and what do they do?” “If they’ve got grown children who are farming with them or who are taking over the farm, then you take a different approach, rather than saying, […] Read more

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Some people divorce and some people don’t

Not all of Clive Tolley’s clients want a divorce. Some just want some space. “I’ve had several clients that have got to a time in their life where they just wanted to have some independence and do some things they wanted to do and didn’t get a chance to do. They kind of still love […] Read more

Luxury retirement homes offer comfort and choice

Luxury retirement homes are a fairly new phenomenon, their popularity attributed to the desires or sheer numbers of the boomer generation. Canada may be poised for a seniors’ retirement home construction boom to accommodate the number of aging baby boomers, and like most of the things the big wave of post-war babies has done, they […] Read more

Could mediation replace litigation in divorce?

Moose Jaw mediator Clive Tolley says that about 50 percent of his work is with couples seeking divorce or separation. Some of these couples are part of the so-called boomer generation and some are older. Some contact him on their own, some are referred by their lawyers and some are ordered by the court to […] Read more

House sitting can provide a way to see the world, but it can also be a good way to make sure your house is looked after while you’re away.  |  Getty Images

House sitting can be good opportunity for retirees

Thinking out of the box, or off the farm, can help seniors find a variety of different ways to travel without breaking the bank or the budget

When her sister-in-law told her about a house-sitting opportunity, Emily Penman, recently widowed and reluctant to spend the winter at her somewhat isolated farm house, packed up herself and her dog and moved to the city for the winter. Once moved in, she assumed the duties of the homeowner. She kept the house clean, shovelled […] Read more

Wayne Gibson, a certified life coach based in Regina, says what he does is different from a sports coach. Sports coaches are generally in charge, and they set the goals. Life coaching is the opposite — the client sets the goals. |  City of  Regina photo

Life coach helps set clear vision

One of the most important life lessons Wayne Gibson learned in becoming a life coach is the value of a powerful question. “We need the right questions, the right perspective on how to look at something so we can see it a little bit more clearly than we did before,” says the Regina-based life coach. […] Read more

Marj and Ernest Swehla say retirement just means doing things differently.  |  Shirley Byers photo

Farming smarter can often mean farming later

A farm couple from Saskatchewan say they have no plans to retire, at least not in the way that it’s been traditionally done

They have worked hard for many years, they have overcome challenges and age-wise they might qualify; nevertheless, Marj and Ernest Swehla have no intention of retiring now — or ever. At least not in the conventional way. “Our retirement just means doing things differently,” says Ernest at their dining room table in their farm home […] Read more