House sitting can provide a way to see the world, but it can also be a good way to make sure your house is looked after while you’re away.  |  Getty Images

House sitting can be good opportunity for retirees

Thinking out of the box, or off the farm, can help seniors find a variety of different ways to travel without breaking the bank or the budget

When her sister-in-law told her about a house-sitting opportunity, Emily Penman, recently widowed and reluctant to spend the winter at her somewhat isolated farm house, packed up herself and her dog and moved to the city for the winter. Once moved in, she assumed the duties of the homeowner. She kept the house clean, shovelled […] Read more

Wayne Gibson, a certified life coach based in Regina, says what he does is different from a sports coach. Sports coaches are generally in charge, and they set the goals. Life coaching is the opposite — the client sets the goals. |  City of  Regina photo

Life coach helps set clear vision

One of the most important life lessons Wayne Gibson learned in becoming a life coach is the value of a powerful question. “We need the right questions, the right perspective on how to look at something so we can see it a little bit more clearly than we did before,” says the Regina-based life coach. […] Read more

Marj and Ernest Swehla say retirement just means doing things differently.  |  Shirley Byers photo

Farming smarter can often mean farming later

A farm couple from Saskatchewan say they have no plans to retire, at least not in the way that it’s been traditionally done

They have worked hard for many years, they have overcome challenges and age-wise they might qualify; nevertheless, Marj and Ernest Swehla have no intention of retiring now — or ever. At least not in the conventional way. “Our retirement just means doing things differently,” says Ernest at their dining room table in their farm home […] Read more

Smart Sole is a shoe insert that has GPS tracking.

New gadgets help seniors stay at home longer

In Canada, more than 90 percent of people age 65 and older choose to stay in their homes and communities, according to Statistics Canada. Among seniors in their 90s, about half live in private households. If you or someone you love is among that number, there are many devices and gadgets that can make staying […] Read more

Knowing warning signs of deteriorating skills

The Canadian Automobile Association has compiled a list of warning signs that could signify whether a person needs to change driving habits, as well as information on a doctor’s role in managing this transition. Normal aging affects driving, but there isn’t a set age when a person is no longer safe behind the wheel. In […] Read more

A number of reasons have been cited for why more older people are getting divorced.  |  Getty Images

Grey divorce

Retired farmers Jerry and Denise were catching up with their friend, Ross, at the local coffee shop. They’d covered the weather (could use a rain), the crops (not bad, but some worrisome reports of armyworm east of town), and they’d shared the latest cute grandkid stories. The server topped off their cups and moved down […] Read more

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Woman stayed with abusive husband for love of a farm

Frank and Sheila had been married almost 50 years when he died five years ago. Seated at her retro red chrome table, in her sunny farmhouse kitchen, Sheila, a vibrant 73-year-old, looked back on her life and her marriage with mixed feelings. The young couple bought their first farmland soon after their marriage. An acquaintance […] Read more

Wills make divorce easier

It goes without saying that farmers and all adults should have a precise and up-to-date will, as well as other agreements in place at all times. A 2012 family law case in Ontario illustrates this point. Ronald Carrigan had been separated from his wife for 12 years when he died unexpectedly at the age of […] Read more

Two women made grey divorce a little less grey

Helen Rathwell and Irene Murdoch went to court in separate cases and changed the way farming assets are divided

Hypothetical couple Greg and Mariah married in 1980. Their marriage was somewhat unconventional in that while they both worked on the farm — they bought things together, shared the housework, yard work, garden work and they both looked after child care — Greg did most of the housework, yard work, garden work and child care, […] Read more