Chefs, farmers meet at B.C. event

The second annual Every Chef Needs a Farmer, Every Farmer Needs a Chef event in Vancouver brought together farmers, chefs and other members of the food and beverage industry to share ideas and create new opportunities. “This is an event I dreamed of for a very, very long time even before I was a politician,” […] Read more

Food species face higher extinction risk: book

Examples include the once-plentiful passenger pigeon and silphium, a popular spice that the ancient Romans harvested to extinction

Lenore Newman, the Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment at the University of the Fraser Valley, has a new book coming out this October. Lost Feast: Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food is the second book by Newman. “The general idea is this: over time, we have driven certain food species to […] Read more

B.C. plans to revamp Agricultural Land Reserve legislation

British Columbia has introduced new legislation governing the Agricultural Land Commission. Bill 15, the Agriculture Land Commission Amendment Act 2019, was tabled in March. Agriculture Minister Lana Popham said in a news release that the bill better protects farmland and encourages farming and ranching. “We are ensuring the commission has the tools and the governance […] Read more

Program connects kids to food industry

The Growing Chefs program based in Vancouver is helping students learn about the food cycle. “Growing Chefs tries to get kids to think differently about food and want to transform the way they eat. We feel that too many kids don’t know where food comes from or how it’s grown and too many kids don’t […] Read more

B.C. chefs, producers connect over food

A conference to help connect chefs with food producers was held in Vancouver last month. The event, “Every Chef Needs a Farmer, Every Farmer Needs a Chef,” included farmers, ranchers and fishers from across the province. “I’ve been thinking about and dreaming about this day for a very long time. Back when I was a […] Read more

ALR review continues in B.C.

A committee is continuing to study how to revitalize British Columbia’s Agricultural Land Reserve and Agricultural Land Commission. The public had the opportunity to provide input, and the consultation process ran until the end of April. “The committee is working hard to compile all of that information and come up with some interim results,” said […] Read more

Large houses still possible on ALR land

City council in Richmond, B.C., has voted to maintain the status quo for house sizes in the Agriculture Land Reserve. It allows for a house size of 10,764 sq. feet. “What was approved by council by a six to three vote was we go with the status quo,” said councillor Linda McPhail. “I voted in […] Read more

Farmland part of B.C. city’s flood plan

Protecting low-lying agricultural land around Surrey, B.C., is expected to be addressed in a Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy, now being developed by the city. Surrey, about 35 kilometres east of Vancouver next to the Fraser River, is situated on the coastal flood plain. Mike Starchuk, a city councillor and the chair of the Surrey agriculture […] Read more

B.C. city council ducks decision on housing size in land reserve

Discussions continue around house sizes on farmland in the agricultural land reserve in Richmond, B.C. At a city council meeting at the end of March, council deferred a decision on limiting the size of homes on ALR land and voted to send the matter back to city staff for more information. Carol Day, a member […] Read more

Land trust called way to attract younger producers

Farm access is one area of research for Hannah Wittman, a professor in the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of British Columbia. The research has included farmland access particularly for newer people interested in farming who haven’t grown up on farms. “We’ve also worked for a long time with Farm Folk-City Folk […] Read more