Moving to solar and wind from our current energy configuration will be challenging because of material costs, land requirements and a potential labour shortage. | File photo

Wind, solar power no magical solution

Despite our best efforts to foresee what the future will bring, we really don’t know what is forthcoming until the future becomes the present. The challenge of climate change has focused our attention on what this unknowable future will look like and what we can or should do about any potentially serious impacts. The focus […] Read more

The author argues that supply management practices implemented through marketing boards reduce supply and significantly increase prices for dairy products, chicken and eggs.  |  File photo

Case made against marketing boards

Sometimes political parties forget that they exist to improve and enhance the lives of the Canadians who vote for them. So it made me happy to see the federal Conservatives pressuring the Liberal government to let us know what a carbon tax would cost the average Canadian household. But Conservative concern over the cost of […] Read more