Horses play a major role in the Cavalia Odysseo show. |  Cavalia Odysseo photo

Show biz horses find temporary home in Man.

WINNIPEG — Rural folks have a hard time getting away for a holiday, especially when they are caring for animals. But what if the animals need a holiday? Those logistics are equally as daunting. For the several dozen four-legged cast members of the show Cavalia Odysseo, getting a break requires a lot of planning by […] Read more

Finding appropriate activities to ease the lives of dementia patients may be as easy as visiting a toy store. | Getty image

Dealing with dementia through play

Finding appropriate activities to ease the lives of dementia patients may be as easy as visiting a toy store

Family members and other caregivers often find it difficult to care for a person suffering from dementia, even though many view it as a labour of love. It can be difficult to find activities that engage the patient as the disease progresses. Without being disrespectful to the person’s age, digging through a forgotten toy box […] Read more

Playmais looks similar to packing corn. The biodegradable puff sticks together with water, allowing children to create anything they want.  |  Playmais photo

Childrens’ toys teach and entertain

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Toy shopping can be stressful for parents trying to decide between trends that are played with today and shelved tomorrow or educational interactive toys that offer continuous engagement. Perhaps a little of both is the answer. Many toys such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and Lego have stood the test of time and […] Read more

Farmers suffering mental health issues fail to seek help

Canadian farmers may stoically face crop failure, equipment breakdowns and disease but they are not immune to stress, depression, emotional exhaustion or burnout. In a nationwide survey of more than 1,000 producers, Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton discovered that 45 percent of those surveyed had high stress, 58 percent were classified with varying levels of anxiety and […] Read more

Mylene Clavette, left, of Calgary, travels from her Gull Lake cabin to buy fresh produce at the Bentley Farmers Market. Among her purchases is asparagus bought from Helen Gross of the Ferrybank Colony, north of Bentley, Alta.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Opportunity grows for local producers

High prices force some consumers to switch from fresh to frozen, but fruits and vegetables still on the menu

A survey of consumers suggests a move away from fresh fruit and vegetables when prices are high. Stories of $7 cauliflower surprised consumers last winter but a new survey shows that affected purchasing choices with consumers moving to frozen or canned vegetables. The study, conducted in May by researchers at the universities of Guelph and […] Read more

Women hit roadblocks at the bank

Women approach risk differently than men and banks need to take note. A study, A Force to Reckon With: Women Entrepreneurship and Risk, found female entrepreneurs to “perceive risk both in terms of economic and social value, which differs from traditional approaches that consider risk mainly from an economic point of view.” Released this month, […] Read more

Women break down barriers

Women are often an overlooked sector of the agricultural workforce. They may be the farm bookkeeper, but an off-farm job might classify them as a teacher and not a farmer. As the 21st century moves through its second decade, the roles of women in agriculture are becoming more clear. A recent report released by the […] Read more

Census nothing to panic about

Farmers who threw the Census of Agriculture on a pile with other unopened mail may want to dig it out and get it completed this week. The streamlined online questionnaire is relatively quick to complete and once done, the information is used to improve the services and programs available to farmers across the country. Greg […] Read more

Positive attitude reduces stress

The deadline to complete the Census of Agriculture can cause stress, especially when rain is on the way and there are still 500 acres of canola left to seed. Gerry Friesen, a conflict mediator in La Salle, Man., says farmers who start to feel stressed and anxious need to step back and focus on personal […] Read more

Where have all the concerts gone?

Back in the days of one-room schools, snowy rural roads and little winter entertainment, the school Christmas concert drew people from miles around. From the youngest to the oldest, recitations were memorized, songs were learned and a Christmas pageant most likely ended the evening’s festivities along with a visit from Santa Claus. With amalgamation, declining […] Read more