Glyphosate still under scrutiny

Glyphosate continues to fuel the conversations taking place on The Western Producer’s social media channels again this week. Last week you’ll recall, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a subgroup of the United Nations’ World Health Organization, released a report categorizing glyphosate as a substance “probably carcinogenic to humans,” which began the buzz on […] Read more

Glyphosate report hot topic

There are a number of subjects that we write about at The Western Producer that really seem to get our readers fired up to comment online. Two of them are genetic modification and anything to do with glypho-sate and its manufacturer, Monsanto. Major stories in the news last week about both subjects yielded the expected […] Read more

Comments should be constructive

Western Producer managing editor Michael Raine travelled to Phoenix, Arizona, last week to cover the 20th annual Commodity Classic, which calls itself “America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show.” One of the events Michael attended while there featured the president of Bayer Crop Science, Jim Blome. His coverage of the event and Blome’s comments […] Read more

Hay hauling, texting don’t mix – Editorial Notebook

First, let me apologize to the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association for the cryptic text message I sent them the other day. It was a long day. Allow me to explain. I had taken a day off, and I use that phrase loosely because it was anything BUT a day off, to haul bales for our horses […] Read more

Biology lessons for children – Editorial Notebook

I had an interesting conversation with my six-year-old daughter the other day. “You don’t really think that cows poop root beer-flavoured jellybeans, do you?” I asked as we were driving to school. “No, Dad,” she replied, with that tone of voice that suggested she would’ve patted me on the head like I was the six […] Read more