Producers want to hold ocean carriers accountable for the chaos in the shipping container industry, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.  | File photo

Container crisis not just about ships

Recent Western Producer reporting about dysfunctional Pacific Northwest ports made clear an often overlooked fact: producers gain access to empty containers at the whim of ocean carriers, not railways. But before we can hold these behemoths to account, we have some homework to do. Three ongoing transformations in the shipping industry will affect producers’ access […] Read more

The author wonders if we are really going to let the Global Transportation Hub dream in Saskatchewan become a nightmare.  |  Global Transportation Hub Authority photo

Why farmers must support the GTH

On July 25, the Saskatchewan government announced it was considering selling the Global Transportation Hub. The hub was just a business the government should never have been involved in, the official explanation went. A profound silence from the agricultural community suggests farmers agree with this assessment. For agricultural producers, the Global Transportation Hub opportunity was […] Read more