The author argues that Health Canada is proposing a non-approval process for gene edited products that will erode trust in the food system. | File photo

Maintaining public trust in food system requires public regulation

Millions of dollars and countless hours spent building public trust could be undone if Health Canada finalizes its proposed new regulatory guidance for products of gene editing (also called genome editing). Despite biotechnology industry complaints that regulation is just red tape that hampers competitiveness, companies rely on the legitimacy that government regulation provides. If the […] Read more

GM, not Bill C-474, a risk to industry – Opinion

Lucy Sharratt, co-ordinator for the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, provides another view on GM bill proposal. Bill C-474 is not, as Rick White of the Canadian Canola Growers Association argued in this space March 18, a “significant threat to the future competitiveness of our industry.” The issue here is not the future of canola but […] Read more

Stacked traits lack assessment – Opinion

Sharratt is the co-ordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network based in Ottawa. Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences are calling their new SmartStax corn a “game-changing” technology. How so? Is it the increased prices they will eventually charge for a corn with eight genetically engineered traits? Is it the 75 percent reduction in refuge area that […] Read more