Water quality is critical to successful herbicide applications. |  Michael Raine photo

Spray water quality top of mind, especially when it’s dry

Spray water has become a hot topic in the last few years as surface water dries up and farmers seek out new water sources for spraying operations. Knowing the quality of your water is important for effective spray operations, yet it’s surprising how many farmers haven’t had their water tested. A water analysis is the […] Read more

As farms work to discover what lies beneath the data of their operations there are many things is consider, including the provider of choice.   |  Michael Raine photo

Farms adopt digital ag platforms for better decision making

Generating digital data has been a part of many farms for a few years, but only within the last couple have digital ag platforms flooded the marketplace. A digital ag platform is software that allows farmers to generate meaningful information from equipment for crop scouting, farm management, soil mapping and record keeping. A lot of […] Read more

Sustainability, best practices and processes should be verifiable.  |  Katelyn Duncan photo

Verification systems necessary for best practices

The word sustainability means something different to everyone, and this is somewhat problematic. If I were to ask an entire room of farmers if their farm is sustainable, likely every one of them would raise their hands. It seems odd, considering that no two farms are the same. Current sustainability dialogue for grain crops is […] Read more

Culture shift is difficult, but ag has shown it is possible

I’ve been noticing a significant culture shift within the industry lately, one that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the long-term health and sustainability of farming. As an industry, we’ve minimized the powerful stigma that exists around mental health. Industries, just like people, typically won’t change unless they have to. However, low points or […] Read more

Biobeds can be set up in-ground or above it. A raised biobed at the Canada Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre at Outlook, Sask., creates a place for microbes in to degrade pesticides and reduce the risk of contaminating water with sprayer waste.  |  File photo

Biobeds tackle pesticide waste, boost consumer trust

Pesticides are an important tool used in modern agriculture, and for the most part, farmers are getting better at communicating this to consumer audiences. What we rarely talk about, however, is how we dispose of leftover effluent from spray operations and cleaning. While best practices for disposing of pesticide waste certainly exist, pesticide residues are […] Read more

Networking can offer producers value on their farms

Can your network make your farm more profitable? Networking is one of the many 21st century buzzwords. What previously was referred to as coffee breaks at conferences and trade shows has been transformed into “networking” receptions. To some farmers, networking seems like a lot of fluff, while others have found that their network actually makes […] Read more