Damaged relationships: the price of a failed succession plan

I have read many articles about how lack of succession planning puts the financial future of farms at risk. They are attention grabbers and while I agree that the lack of or an ineffectively implemented succession plan can have financial implications, mostly farms survive. These same articles rarely talk about the hidden price of a […] Read more

Solving the farm succession puzzle takes teamwork

A rule of thumb in life is that things are generally simpler than they first appear. We tend to overthink or make things more complicated than necessary. However, this is not the case when it comes to succession planning. Over the years I have come to realize that succession planning is a three-dimensional puzzle, much […] Read more

Claiming economic loss requires resolve

What happens when the seeds you plant don’t germinate, the chemicals you apply kill your crop, or worse, you’re injured and can’t operate your farm? Assuming you can prove cause, effect and liability, you will eventually want to claim your loss. Economic loss, as it is known, represents lost profit rather than just lost production. […] Read more