Diagnostic testing unable to achieve 100 percent accuracy

Veterinarians often rely on clinical and laboratory tests to diagnose disease in livestock species. Diagnostic tests can be as simple as listening to a rumen with a stethoscope or as complicated as a laboratory procedure that isolates and identifies a particular virus or bacteria or measures a specific enzyme in the blood of an animal. […] Read more

Roundworm discovery in Manitoba bison herd baffles researchers

A recent case report has described the discovery of an unusual parasite in a bison calf from Manitoba. Toxocara vitulorum is a roundworm parasite that is usually seen only in Asian water buffalo and cattle from sub-tropical regions. Dr. Murray Woodbury from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and other researchers published the report in […] Read more

Diagnosing lumps and bumps

Lumps on the head and jaw area of cattle are common. There are several potential causes, and treatment can vary depending on the cause. Lumpy jaw is a bacterial infection of the jaw bone of cattle. It can affect either the lower or upper jaw but is most commonly seen on the lower jaw in […] Read more