Strawberries are a summer taste sensation. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Delicious strawberries can be used in a variety of ways

The ultimate summer taste is a bite into a fresh strawberry, so juicy and sweet. Each year we wait for the strawberry season, the thrill of picking fruit right off the vine or from your grocery store or farmers market. The boost of fibre and vitamin C make this berry a powerhouse. Strawberries are so […] Read more

A charcuterie board is perfect for those summer days when light eating hits the spot. | Jodie Mirsovsky photo

Recipe ideas for outdoor dining on a charcuterie board

Outdoor dining can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of summer, whether under the shade of a sprawling tree, on the dock, at the beach or in your own backyard. We can feel our bodies relax while we admire the vast panorama from earth to sky. Some of my fondest childhood memories are sitting […] Read more

Roasted potato salad is a marriage of potato salad and baked potatoes. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Delicious food is a great way to recognize Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, the old saying, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” comes to mind. Preparing delicious food is a great way to show appreciation to those special people in your life. Let’s prepare a menu that will warm their hearts and satisfy their stomachs. Roasted potato salad A delicious […] Read more

Children can make these delicious yogurt parfaits and serve them to Mom. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Special recipes help make Mother’s Day complete

As a child, I loved giving my mom handmade gifts I had made at school and carefully brought home to present on Sunday morning for Mother’s Day. I was lucky enough to grow up with two grandmothers and a great grandmother nearby and I have some precious memories. I once collected what we call “stink […] Read more

Fresh honey on sourdough toast is such a nostalgic delight. Don’t forget the cheese and some hot tea for the full experience. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Bread and batter: satisfying food trend worth revisiting

Spring can remind us of fresh starts. That might mean reintroducing things that have been put on a back burner. For example, being home more has allowed us more time to plan and prepare our food. Many of us have dug out old recipes and old appliances and revamped expired trends that deserve a second […] Read more

Lemon dressing can be used on greens and pasta and roasted into juicy chicken. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Spring is excellent time to return lemons to the kitchen

Spring signals a time for a refreshing change in ingredients in our menus. For me, spring often means using lemon. Whether it is their bright happy colour in the kitchen, their vitamin C content for immunity or their “pucker-up taste” in our palette, lemons are a welcome addition to recipes. That good salad This recipe […] Read more

Saucy meatballs are a dinner hit with everyone. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Column’s 25th anniversary remembered with recipes

It has been 25 years since TEAM Resources pulled up to the writer’s desk for this column. Myself, Alma Copeland and Betty Ann Deobald had attended the Canadian Home Economics conference in Saskatoon in 1992 and came away driven to find a way to share information with families and individuals on everyday essentials like food, […] Read more

Chocolate and cherries meet in this decadent dessert.  | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Valentine’s Day does not have to be boring during a pandemic

Before long we will have all experienced a pandemic first. First birthday, first Christmas and now a first Valentine’s Day season without social gatherings to feed our spirits. In winter, these little social perks are important. One thing that is often done during Valentine’s Day is dining out, and sharing with special people in our […] Read more

A juicy slow cooked beef roast is convenient and tasty.  | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Slower pace gives families time to enjoy food together

As we begin our journey through 2021, given the past years’ experience, I think that I have been reminded of the quote, “when one door closes, another one opens.” We have had to stay home, slow down and find comfort in our immediate surroundings. Our world as we knew it was fast–paced and for many, […] Read more

Save on plastic waste with reusable storage bags. The inside of the crisper drawer has never looked so good.  | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Making Christmas special this year starts with the food

What are we to expect of the holiday season of 2020? Only time will tell. What we can do is take time to enjoy the things that we have control over, such as menus that spark warm memories, home decor that brings peace and time to pamper ourselves and others who make our lives complete. […] Read more