Bright cherry tomatoes bring a burst of colour and seasonal taste to your palette.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Fall-inspired menus help give thanks for nature’s bounty

We are in the midst of autumn, so it’s time to enjoy the colours and experiences that nature offers this time of year. We can bask in the glow of the beautiful northern lights shooting blue and green into the dark starlit sky, marvel at the gold and crimson leaves falling to the ground, watch […] Read more

Flax is a beautiful crop, both good to eat and fun to play in. A favourite Mirosovsky tradition is a family photograph in the blooming fields.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

There are lots of ways to protect our skin from the sun

As we enjoy summer, we want to protect our skin from the damaging effects of the elements. The skin protects our bodies from the outside world and is a mirror of our inner health. This is why when we get a sunburn we feel sore, swelled, tired and inflamed. There are ways to protect ourselves. […] Read more

Saskatoon berries are so good right off the bush. They are also a great addition to your favourite summer desserts.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Freshly picked finger foods help add to the beach fun

Summer is about escaping from our regular schedules. We all need to get away from the daily grind to renew and refresh. Some people enjoy a stay-cation, relaxing in their own surroundings, others choose short trips to explore their community or province, and still others prefer to pack up the family and go farther away […] Read more

Fresh flowers are a simple way to freshen up a space. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Arrival of spring provides an opportunity to freshen up

It is a time of transition. Furnaces are taking a long awaited break and prairie folk are stretching out of a long winter hibernation, ready to renew and energize. We all know how to do housework, even if many of us procrastinate until we are forced to do it. Make a small start by sweeping […] Read more

So many shades of green are available in the kitchen.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Colour the dinner table green for St. Patrick’s Day

There are so many beautiful shades of green — especially when it comes to food. Sometimes we need a theme to freshen things up in the kitchen and in our menus. Have some fun as St. Patrick’s Day approaches by incorporating green into your food. Along with the more common produce such as lettuce, cucumber […] Read more

This single serve raspberry trifle is so delectable. | Jodie Mirosvosky photo

Winter is a great time to try recipes inspired by restaurants

As winter saunters along, I have truly learned to appreciate its beauty. There is nothing that compares to the sparkling white landscape with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the distance. The starlit nights and the moon shining over the snow-covered fields are mesmerizing. We just need to take notice of the natural artwork […] Read more

Toss up some cranberry and chicken into a mealtime salad.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

New year is good time to find ways to renew ourselves

As we transition out of the holidays, refresh yourself by ensuring that your surroundings are pleasing to you. Your home should be your haven, a place that brings you into balance and not into a whirlwind. There are a variety of ways to renew ourselves: Different perspective By learning to look at the cup as half […] Read more

It’s not Christmas without holiday cookies.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Some Christmas recipe favourites are worth repeating

Holidays are fast approaching and as usual we are thinking about food. Each year I make our favourite sweets and appetizers, and gatherings are just not complete if I don’t serve these recipes. Instead of fumbling through recipe cards, old columns and well used cookbooks, I decided to offer my holiday indulgences on two pages, […] Read more

This decadent chocolate cake has a hit of strong coffee. |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

These suggestions make Christmas fresher and easier

Winter is here. The days are short, and the nights are crisp and dark. On a clear night it seems as though the stars are extra bright and twinkling. We have seen our first snowflakes gently falling, giving us a blanket of white. Without guilt, we can now curl up on the couch in the […] Read more

Potato picking day can be such a satisfying experience. This Caribe variety is great for mashed potatoes and is such a pretty colour with Yukon Gold in the background, used for baking.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

The four Ss can help us make the most of fall cooking

It is perfectly natural for your food choices to change as the weather does. The refreshing cool salads of summer may not satisfy us now. Instead, we want warmth and comfort as the temperature drops. One evening, while browsing through some cookbooks to plan my menus, it suddenly came to me: autumn cooking often incorporates […] Read more