The National Farmers Union argues that former federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz didn’t deserve to be inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame because of his destructive record.  |  File photo

Ritz should not be in Ag Hall of Fame

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he “would make Canada unrecognizable.” His agriculture minister, Gerry Ritz, certainly did his part to make Canadian agriculture and food unrecognizable. Ritz’s destructive record speaks for itself. Does Canada’s Agricultural Hall of Fame really want to damage its reputation by inducting former Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz (2007-15)? Consider a […] Read more

A federal government decision to allow the sale of the railway that serves the Port of Churchill and then a later decision to eliminate the Canadian Wheat Board’s marketing monopoly are blamed for the sad state of the rail line.  |  File photo

Omnitrax not solely to blame

For more than 100 years, the Port of Churchill on Hudson Bay was the gateway to northern Manitoba and communities in Nunavut. Served by 820 kilometres of railway line from The Pas, Man., it shipped western grain to European markets until the port was stranded, then closed and the hundreds of remote northern communities along […] Read more