Conversation around agri-food shows progress

The not-so-easy task of figuring out the best policy to sustain Canada’s food systems on a domestic and international scale recently took a step forward in Ottawa. In gathering more than 200 people involved in every aspect touching the agri-food industry — producers, processors, manufacturers, policy makers — Canada 2020’s National Forum on Agri-Food dispensed […] Read more

Canada can’t rely on WTO: Richardson VP

A senior official of a company at the forefront of Canada’s ongoing trade dispute over canola trading with China says the World Trade Organization cannot be relied upon, and that science-based decision making is threatened on a domestic and international level. “We simply can’t rely on the existing WTO process as being the most efficient […] Read more

While the federal carbon price offers relief for gasoline and light fuel oil costs used in tractors and trucks, there is no exemption for grain drying or heating. | File photo

Carbon tax raises grain drying costs: farmers

Producers say the rebates offered by the federal government won’t fully cover the costs that they have to pay

Farmers struggling to get their crops harvested in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta will also pay more for drying those crops, thanks to the federal carbon levy. While the federal carbon price offers relief for gasoline and light fuel oil costs used in tractors and trucks, there is no exemption for grain drying or heating. The […] Read more

Ralph Goodale has been described by Ottawa-types as “key” to how the Liberal government shapes its agricultural policy. 
 | File photo

Goodale’s loss silences western farm voice at cabinet table

A few weeks before the election, I was having a coffee in Ottawa with someone who advocates for a growers’ group. She apologized for coming solo, telling me the person who was supposed to join her couldn’t make it. That was because her colleague had flown to Regina for a meeting with Ralph Goodale. It […] Read more

Ralph Goodale had been one of a few Liberals MPs from the Prairies before last week's federal election, but their loss struck a blow for western representation in the new government. REUTERS/Chris Wattie  photo

Regionally divided vote affects agricultural sector

OTTAWA — A regionally divided vote resulting in a minority Liberal government leaves a clear challenge for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his caucus colleagues on how to handle the future of agriculture. After being re-elected, Trudeau said clearly in his speech that Alberta and Saskatchewan are part of the country and will be heard […] Read more

Few other industries involve the hours and labour associated with agricultural work. | File photo

Thankless work of farmers seldom politically acknowledged

D.C. Fraser is Glacier Farm-Media’s new Ottawa correspondent and will be writing a weekly column in this space. These days I am becoming more thankful to those who do thankless work. About one month ago, I settled in Ottawa. I claim “the West” as home to those here who ask. Most of my growing up […] Read more

Canada may need to rethink agri-food policies: report

OTTAWA — A new report warns that Canadian agri-food is in an “ominous situation” in the face of rising global trade disruptions. The Agri-Food Economic Systems’ report, Shifting Geo-Politics and Trade Policy: Wither Canadian Agri-Food Policy? released this month says escalating trade tensions have resulted in a rapid deterioration of the relatively stable environment that […] Read more