Only 310 million tonnes of major grain stocks are located in the ROW countries. This is up by only 15 per cent from 2010-11 levels. | MarketsFarm graphic

Global grain stocks offer false sense of food security

In the event of a production shortfall, 60 per cent of available stocks would never be available to the market

The economic parallels from the COVID-19 epidemic are quickly changing from comparisons to the recent financial crisis in 2008-09 to the Great Depression. My parents and grandparents lived through the Depression and it did have many impacts on their everyday lives. The main symbol of the Depression-era mentality was the two enormous chest freezers in […] Read more

There may have been some harvest in the drier regions this winter, but the bulk of the estimated five million tonnes of canola, wheat and other crops are still left to harvest. | Agriculture Canada map

MarketsFarm update: Weather woes span the Prairies

The weather during the last half of March provided some optimism about a normal start to spring. Farmers across the Prairies were preparing equipment, taking delivery of seed and fertilizer and looking forward to getting out into the field. Then the weather in early April dropped significant amounts of rain and snow across northern and […] Read more

In Canada, the primary wheat used to make flour is CWRS, so the increase in flour production means that CWRS use will follow suit. | File photo

Home flour use soars during COVID-19 pandemic

That's led to increased demand for milling wheat — at least temporarily

It is hard not to miss the lack of flour in the grocery aisles lately as consumers stock up on the “essentials”. A number of stores are just rolling out the pallets of flour into the store and they are picked clean by the end of the day. The increased domestic use of flour does […] Read more

It took a major pandemic for people to notice the remarkable things that our farms and agricultural businesses perform every day. | File photo

Suddenly agriculture is important

A trend has developed in the business news channels over the past week that has not been hard to miss. Suddenly the CEO’s of the big agriculture and food concerns are being featured front and centre during the business segments. Usually these companies are noted only when they release quarterly results and even then there […] Read more