The extended deadline allows producers to seed and insure any cereal greenfeed crop, including those who have not previously endorsed greenfeed on their insurance contracts. They now have until July 15 to select that endorsement and seed a crop. | File photo

Sask. crop insurance extends greenfeed deadline

The Saskatchewan crop insurance deadline for seeding crops to greenfeed has been extended to July 15 from the former deadline of June 30, the government announced today. Dry conditions across much of the province prompted the provincial and federal governments to today announce several measures designed to help farmers and ranchers cope. The extended deadline […] Read more

Shane and Laurel Hansen wanted their land to continue as a working cattle operation.  |  Brent Calver photo

Alberta ranch signs conservation agreement

Ranch family hopes the deal signed with Nature Conservancy Canada will protect their land from future development

Shane and Laurel Hansen were making their wills a few years ago and started thinking about the future of their southwestern Alberta property. Their 903 acres a few kilometres east of Waterton Lakes National Park could be prime real estate for campgrounds or country residential acreages, but that is a future they never want to […] Read more

Georgia Dale, left, helps Rudy Barrios and Luke Smith with an art project using media collected along Pincher Creek.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Alberta students attend school on the creek

Day on the Creek teaches about environment, wildlife, habitat and the history and culture of the Pincher Creek area

PINCHER CREEK, Alta. — On an ordinary day, the path along Pincher Creek, from which the town gets its name, is a quiet place; ideal for a contemplative stroll to commune with nature. For six hours, Day on the Creek changes that. It’s a day to teach students about environment, wildlife, habitat and the history […] Read more

Blanche, a fainting goat, insists on being part of the picture as Holly White and Kent Sereda examine a canola field near their home at Rolling Hills, Alta.  |  Barb Glen photo

Alta. couple believes in industry involvement

On the Farm: Holly White and Kent Sereda sit on agricultural boards and take management and leadership courses

ROLLING HILLS, Alta. — Holly White and Kent Sereda met on a blind date but they’ve had a clear vision about their farm’s future ever since. They grow seed canola, black beans and navy beans under contract, as well as wheat, corn and tall fescue, on their 2,300-acre farm a few kilometres east of Rolling […] Read more

Big Marble Farms partners Rick Wagenaar, left, Ryan Cramer and Albert Cramer have announced a 10-acre expansion to the existing 35-acre vegetable greenhouse near Medicine Hat, Alta.  |  Big Marble Farms photo

Greenhouse plans expansion

The largest vegetable greenhouse in Alberta is about to get larger. Big Marble Farms, a 35-acre facility just outside Medicine Hat that produces English cucumbers, mini-cucumbers and several types of tomatoes, plans to add another 10 acres to its operation and install a six-megawatt co-generation power plant. “The whole plan of the expansion is to […] Read more

Locoweed is a member of one of the plant families that Alberta researchers are examining as possible sources of antibiotics.  |  File photo

Native plants could provide new antibiotics

A Lethbridge researcher has already extracted molecules that show an ability to fight staphylococcus and acinetobacter

Sources for life-saving new antibiotics could be growing beneath our feet on the prairie, foothill and mountain landscapes that are home to native plants. Antibiotics that have been in use since Alexander Fleming first discovered penicillin in 1928 are all derived from bacteria and fungi. Sophie Kerneis, a microbiologist and senior researcher at Lethbridge College, […] Read more

Canadian OTM beef now accepted in Japan market

Japan reopened its market May 17 to Canadian beef from animals of all ages. The change comes 16 years after Japan closed its borders in 2003 to Canadian beef in the wake of a BSE discovery. It partially reopened to trade in beef from animals younger than 21 months in 2005 and then in 2013 […] Read more

Those involved in renewable energy programs in Alberta are awaiting signals from the new United Conservative Party government about future support and direction.
 | File photo

Renewable sector on hold in Alberta

FORT MACLEOD, Alta. — Those involved in renewable energy programs in Alberta are awaiting signals from the new United Conservative Party government about future support and direction. “There’s a lot of uncertainty right now on what programs might be rolled back, what incentives might be rolled back, so that creates not a great environment for […] Read more

The strain of porcine epidemic diarrhea affecting Alberta pigs is closely related to those in Manitoba and Ontario. The investigation into its spread to Alberta is ongoing, but no clear answers have emerged.  |  File photo

Alta. contains PED outbreak

There have been no new cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea in Alberta since the last of the four infected premises was reported in March, and Alberta Agriculture epidemiologist Dr. Julia Keenliside said she is confident increased surveillance tells that tale. “We don’t likely have any other farms out there that are infected with the disease,” […] Read more

The sheep product from Zoetis is a combination of two anthelmintics: abamectin and derquantel. The former is in the same class as ivermectin, while derquantel has never been used in Canada so no parasites here will have resistance to it.  |  File photo

Dual action designed to avoid resistance

A new drench is designed to provide effective treatment of sheep without allowing parasites to develop resistance

Parasite resistance to products approved for use on sheep is causing major problems for producers who find current options don’t do an adequate job of deworming. A new product from Zoetis, coupled with new recommendations on treatment protocols, is designed to provide effective treatment without allowing parasites to develop resistance. Dr. Melanie Wowk, large animal […] Read more