Urea prices should cool this winter

The recent run-up in nitrogen fertilizer prices is going to be short-lived, according to industry executives. Prices have been rising in North America since late summer, despite a global oversupply of the ingredient. Mark Fracchia, president of PCS Potash, said dealer inventories are down in the United States because they were anticipating new capacity coming […] Read more

Relaxed rules on U.S. wheat imports possible

Canadian farmers have nothing to fear if Canada gives the United States wheat access to its grading system, say industry executives. However, not everyone agrees with that sentiment. U.S. Wheat Associates and the National Association of Wheat Growers have lobbied for years for fair treatment of American wheat. Right now any U.S. wheat that crosses […] Read more

Weak loonie, strong oil good for canola prices

This fall we’ve had the unusual situation of the Canadian dollar falling while the price of crude oil rises. Since Sept. 1, nearby U.S. oil futures rose about $8.30 per barrel, trading Nov. 6 near US$56.83, the highest since July 2015. Oil rose on OPEC’s success in limiting production and expectations that it will continue […] Read more

Canola sales make sense if looking for cash flow

If you have to cash out a crop right now, why not canola? After strong counter-seasonal price gains recently, a weakened Canadian dollar and storage concerns, canola might be the crop to move. That’s what Adam Pukalo of P.I. Financial is telling his clients. “I’m not sure how much higher we’re going to get,” said […] Read more

Hedging with U.S. futures and options tricky but possible

Finding perfection in futures markets is an impossible task. However, brokers and traders say North America’s main futures contracts can provide good risk management, even if they sometimes take a bit of engineering and TLC. “A lot of times it’s never going to be a perfect hedge, especially with wheat, but it’s giving you some […] Read more

Canfax report

This cattle market information is selected from the weekly report from Canfax, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. More market information, analysis and statistics are available by becoming a Canfax subscriber by calling 403-275-5110 or at www.canfax.ca. Fed market rallies The weaker Canadian dollar and rising cash cattle market in the United States drove […] Read more

WP livestock report

U.S. hogs lower While the weaker Canadian dollar helped support cash hog prices in Canada, the U.S. market weakened on improving market-ready supply. The United States is proposing to change its hog grading standards to include colour and fat marbling, putting greater emphasis on factors that affect flavour. If implemented, the new grading would be […] Read more

VIDEO: Canada’s agricultural markets update – November 8, 2017

D’Arce McMillan, The Western Producer markets editor, monitors trends in the North American and global agricultural markets. Each week he hosts a market video about crops. The video is designed to help viewers understand the forces responsible for changes in the trade. If agricultural markets are important to you, we have you covered.

Surprise Indian duty on peas leaves Canada scrambling

WINNIPEG — The Canadian pea industry was shocked this morning to wake up to a notice from India declaring a 50 percent tax on pea imports to the country. “This sort of moves us beyond even where India has been before in pulse import duties.… More than a decade ago we were at 10 percent. […] Read more

India slaps duty on peas, wheat

India’s government has imposed a 50 percent duty on peas and a 20 percent duty on wheat. Pulse prices in India are suffering because of a bumper harvest of all crops in 2016-17 and a good summer crop in the current crop year. The country also still has substantial supplies of imported pulses. The Times […] Read more