The Connect spray attachment built for the DOT autonomous agricultural robot has a 120-foot aluminum boom, a 1,600 U.S. gallon stainless steel tank, and a continuous flow boom. | Photo supplied by Connect

Sprayer built for autonomous ag platform

REGINA — Slightly less than a year after the DOT autonomous agricultural platform was shown to the public at the Ag In Motion Farm show, the first DOT compatible implement built by a “platform partner” is being tested. A newly formed company called Connect, which is closely affiliated with Pattison Liquid Systems, has produced a […] Read more

Agco’s Ideal combine debuted in North America for dealers ahead of the opening of Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. Only dealers that qualify will handle the Fendt combine.  |  Michael Raine photo

Fendt grows in N.A. under Ideal conditions

REGINA — Turns out the Ideal combine is a Fendt. At least from an Agco perspective. After seven years of development Agco’s Ideal brand combine was released last fall at Agritechnica. The company developed the machine after consulting engineers, carrying out extensive producer polling and gathering input from around the world. The resulting machine will […] Read more

Controlled traffic farming takes the tramline concept one step further by totally eliminating all tire traffic from 65 to 80 percent of the field.  Every implement track width must fit into a multiple of the chosen tramline width, which is easier said than done.  |  Bruce Barker photo

Controlled traffic farming in Alta.

Editor’s Note: Western Producer journalist Ron Lyseng took an in-depth look at Alberta’s now completed controlled traffic project and report and has provided his analysis. Controlled traffic farming is similar to the time-proven tramline concept, except that CTF takes it all one important road forward. All equipment tires must follow exactly same paths in the […] Read more

Pat Scherman and son Trevor got the idea for their ScherGain Solution System while arguing about combine settings out in the field.  They finally agreed they were wasting their energy arguing when they should instead concentrate their efforts on devising a system for safely collecting grain loss data.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Simplified drop pan reduces combine losses in field

Seed for the ScherGain magnetic drop pan concept can be traced back to a father and son argument out in a field in western Saskatchewan. Pat Sherman recalls that he and son Trevor were having one heck of an argument about which way to go with combine adjustments. The only thing they could agree on […] Read more

The W170 fits within Deere’s windrower lineup below the biggest, but with enough swather power for heavy crops and hilly terrain.   |  John Deere Photo

Deere looks to canola growers for new swather’s market

Many producers are looking to cull their swathing process in canola, however that isn’t likely a practice that will work for all conditions. Deere is betting on a remaining need for swathers with a new tool aimed at the oilseed and small grains market. John Deere is putting their new W170 into the marketplace this […] Read more

The Deere 1895 takes the small-grains disc drill wider, increasing up to 60 feet for 2018. This can add up to 100 acres per day, says the company.  |  John Deere photo

Deere’s big disc drill to slice into small grains

Making equipment wider or faster in the field are popular concepts with producers because it translates into acres per day. John Deere took its biggest, Indian Head, Sask., born precision hoe drill up to 72 feet two years ago. Now its small grains and oilseeds disc drill has been increased to 60 feet from 43. […] Read more

The new Mach Till, designed by Degleman in Saskatchewan and built by Kinze in Iowa, belongs in a new class of cultivation, which Kinze calls hybrid horizontal tillage.  |  Kinze photo

Kinze continues tuning its tillage tools

Mach Till cuts and throws soil at an angle to avoid creating a smear or compaction lay

Tillage technology continues to evolve as farmers move toward precisely controlled cultivation. That process took another step forward when Kinze introduced four new devices, spotlighting hybrid horizontal tillage. Vertical tillage was the big buzzword in field preparation a decade ago. Although most manufacturers still build vertical tillage machines, hybrid horizontal tillage is the latest step […] Read more

The Lexion is showing a JD display and the JD machinesync feature. The lighter blue area depicts a European-built S680 coverage working in the same field as the Lexion, depicted with the deeper blue. Data exchange is handled with JD modems. This is the first bridge Heupel released to the market in 2015. Agra GPS photos

Green guidance on off-color combines

Move your Greenstar to the red, yellow, blue, orange or purple implement of your liking

Tt’s not unusual to see a prairie farmyard with mainly green implements, and then combines in other colours contrasting with the other machines. The farmer with the mismatched combines is probably cursing because he can’t get his favourite combine GPS to communicate with his trusty Greenstar Starfire. That’s the situation in which Johannes Heupel was […] Read more

The drop pan is held up tight against the combine with electromagnets.  Because there is no wiring or bolts, it can be moved from one combine to another in a matter of seconds.  A radio remote control lets the operator drop the pan while driving at the normal speed with all adjustments in their normal position.  |  Marcel Kringe photo

Magnet solves old drop pan problem

Move BushelPlus from one combine to another in a matter of seconds

BRANDON — Grain loss monitors don’t document how many bushels end up on the ground. Conventional drop pans are a nuisance and dangerous. The BushelPlus magnetic drop pan addresses those issues.  If checking combine losses was convenient, farmers would do it. But it isn’t, so they don’t, according to Marcel Kringe of BushelPlus in Brandon.  […] Read more

Martin Reichelt helps farmers get the best performance out of their combine. | Robin Booker photo

Dr. Harvest makes field calls to solve harvesting problems

BRANDON — Martin Reichelt, a.k.a. Doctor Harvest, is an engineer who specializes in fine-tuning combines. Although he lives in Germany, he travels to Canada whenever his list of patients merits. Reichelt was at Manitoba AgDays this winter, working with the BushelPlus company at its display. “I make the trip to Canada a couple times a […] Read more