Thresher rebuilt — one piece at a time

LANGENBURG, Sask. — Ken Mack calls his restored grain thresher the Johnny Cash Special. Like the famous song says, he got the parts for his vintage thresher one piece at a time and it didn’t cost him a dime. “One Piece at a Time is where I got the inspiration from. I’ve listened to that […] Read more

Deere’s 700 harvesters big on auto

MOLINE, Ill. — Try this. Put your 15-year-old nephew into your half-million dollar harvester, make your initial settings and then turn him loose in the canola for a day of combining. It’s a scary thought, right? However, John Deere says that’s what a farmer can do with a new 2018 S700 series combine. Based on […] Read more

Keep cool, even when engine is shut down

It’s no problem to shut down the diesel while waiting in line at the terminal and the temperature is moderate. It saves a bit of fuel and they say it’s good for Mother Nature. However, you’re not as likely to shut down on a 38 C day. Those high temperatures can hit you at seeding […] Read more

Stonebear is King Kong of rock pickers

If King Kong had picked rocks for a living, the Kongskilde Stonebear 5200 would have been his tool of choice

FARGO, N.D. — The Stonebear 5200 grabs rocks from one inch to 16 inches in diameter across a 17-foot-wide swath and then dumps them into a trailer from 7.7 feet. It performs all these tasks with a surprisingly low power requirement of 80 horsepower through a 350 r.p.m. power take-off, says Dave McKeen of Kongskilde […] Read more

Rocks: don’t pick them, pulverize them

FARGO. N.D. — Rocks in your fields will eventually turn to dust someday anyway, so why not hasten the process by a few million years. If you want those nuisance field stones out of your hair and out of your combine once and for all, the best option might be to leave them in the […] Read more

German firm sets up dealerships in Alberta to sell Claas in Canada

CALGARY — Carving out your own space at an established table requires strategy and, sometimes, bringing new players to the game. German farm machinery maker Claas has made a name for its equipment in Western Canada for 20 years, initially working with Caterpillar. The Lexion harvesting equipment has become increasingly popular for its capacity and […] Read more

Big red box carries load of fresh ideas

The new Jaylor D series dump wagon features a number of innovations based on conventional European design merged with fresh Canadian technology, all aimed at reducing turn around times. When you’re pulling 85,000 pounds of trailer down a public road, safety has to be your overriding concern, says Jaylor engineer Trevor Sutcliffe. He says safety […] Read more

Implement sales in doldrums

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Farm machinery and the farmer are inextricably linked, so any talk of what might happen in the implement industry ultimately leads down a dusty road back to the farm. Charlie O’Brien, who heads the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ agriculture division, remembers what happened in the United States after the last period of […] Read more

North America gets world’s biggest fixed frame tractor

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The crowds that crushed around the Fendt 1000 seemed to grow larger throughout the day after the world’s biggest, non-articulated, four-wheel drive tractor was unveiled in North America. With 500 horsepower and seven foot tall rear tires, the machine appeared from a distance to look not much different from other tractors of […] Read more

Breathing new life into old air carts

Ground-drive air carts built before the dawn of the modern digital age can be upgraded with the installation of a new Air Cart Monitor displaying five main functions. Introduced at Ag Expo in Minot, North Dakota, last month, the device from IntelligentAg monitors bin levels, meter roll shaft, meter box, fan speed and ground-drive clutch […] Read more