Setting new goals might help save marriage

Q: I am lost. I do not know what to do. I know that we need to work on our relationship, but unless he is willing to co-operate with me on this thing, not much is going to happen. I thought that counselling might help us, but that obviously is out of the question. So, […] Read more

More farms embrace social media focus

CHICAGO, Ill. — If you want to generate traffic on your social media platform, post a picture of a Jersey cow wagging its tongue, or better yet a tractor, any tractor. “People love equipment like gangbusters,” said Kassi Tom-Rowland, a partner with Tom Farms, a row crop farm in Leesburg, Indiana. Tom-Rowland was part of […] Read more

Couple grows farm, family on Gelbvieh operation

PARRY, Sask. — Trevor and Amber Burks aren’t ones to let the grass grow under their feet. They want to produce the best Gelbvieh cattle and they want to do it sooner rather than later. Trevor established Twisted T Gelbvieh in 2011 and by 2013, the year he and Amber married, they were showing champions. […] Read more

General store makes a name in meat

Owner’s love of cutting meat proves successful in small-town Alberta, attracting customers from throughout the region

Hines Creek, Alta. — In the village of Hines Creek, butcher Dale Stark jokes that his love of cutting meat has become so strong it’s now in his blood. “We’re a dying breed,” he said. “Nobody wants to do the work anymore because it is hard, hard work. Your hands are cold but, once you […] Read more

Getting things done can be tough

Q: Our son has chosen to stay out of university this year. He says the pressure is more than he can bear. We know our son to be an extraordinarily intelligent young man so we are disappointed. However, he is helping with the farm and Dad always loves getting an extra hand. As I watch […] Read more

Connecting the DOTs

DOT is what happens when farming processes are examined carefully. Does seeding require bigger machines? Does spraying mean going faster and wider? Does anyone need to pilot a field roller? Or any other field machine, except maybe a combine, for now? The new machine design, the DOT, retires the tractor and giant airseeder and drill […] Read more

Hands-free field test

Researchers showcase ‘the future of farming’ using autonomous vehicles to plant, treat and harvest one hectare of barley

The mission: to plant, treat and harvest one hectare of barley using only autonomous farm equipment. Mission accomplished. The feat occurred this year in a field at Harper Adams University in the United Kingdom, and university researcher Jonathan Gill, one of the self-professed geeks behind the project, considers it a rubicon in the future of […] Read more

Researcher understands farmer doubts about hands-free farming

Farming by robot? Remote control? Laser-sensing technology? Drones? Canadian farmers don’t believe they will make major use of autonomous farming methods for at least another five years, according to a survey undertaken by Glacier FarmMedia. However futuristic it may sound, hands-free farming methods exist and have successfully been used in the Hands Free Hectare project […] Read more

The trouble with telematics

When it comes to telematics, that special set of data that helps monitor the performance of big equipment, acceptance by farmers appears to be coming in fits and starts, with the emphasis on the younger generation. The challenge, several dealers say, is to provide training and follow-up to farmers who are now buying equipment with […] Read more

Sensor sensibility

Canadian farmers are dithering when it comes to using specialized sensors, according to a Glacier FarmMedia survey. In an online survey filled out by 428 farmers from late August to mid-October, only seven percent of respondents said they have fully adopted the use of specialized sensors, and only 20 percent are actively testing them. In […] Read more