Turkey farmers ask for an open mind

When most Canadians walk into a grocery store, they’re probably not thinking about turkey.

Most shoppers, at least those in the meat section, are choosing between chicken, beef or pork. Ground turkey, or a pre-packaged turkey burger, probably isn’t on their radar.

Turkey Farmers of Canada hopes to change that mind set.

“Over the next five years we’re on an exciting mission to grow turkey’s share of plate, shift perceptions and show Canadians that turkey is a delicious, everyday choice to feed their families, and one that supports our local farmers,” said Darren Ference, Turkey Farmers of Canada chair.

In early May, the organization, which represents more than 500 turkey producers in Canada, unveiled a new marketing campaign using the slogan Think Turkey.

One of the ads shows an image of a turkey burger with the tag line: What’s Your Beef With Turkey? Another tag line is: Don’t be chicken. Try turkey.

The organization has bought advertising space on billboards and bus shelters in 10 Canadian cities.

As well, it has committed to a five-year promotional effort, which will include paid searches on Google, YouTube videos, television ads and using online influencers to boost awareness of turkey.

There is certainly room to increase turkey consumption.

Its share of the market is tiny compared to chicken:

  • In 2017, per capita turkey consumption in Canada was 4.2 kilograms.
  • In 2017, per capita chicken consumption was 33 kg.
  • For whole turkeys, 78 percent are sold at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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