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Each year, we offer a look at the most popular stories at producer.com. It’s interesting to see the eclectic mix of stories that pique readers’ interest. From 2016, here is The Western Producer’s Top 10 list.

10. “Diagnosing lumps and bumps.” A column about cattle infections published in June by columnist John Campbell.

9. “Prairie farmers assessing their losses.” Published in October, this story outlined the effects of the weather on the harvest. By late in the month, many Saskatchewan farmers had thousands of acres yet to harvest, but a generous November returned them to their fields.

8. “Is glyphosate really dangerous?” In March, University of Saskatchewan professor John Giesy took issue with the World Health Organization’s conclusion that glyphosate probably causes cancer.

7. “Seeder’s reach stretches 160 feet.” Published in June 2014, this is the story (with video) that just keeps going. It’s about the Multi Farming Systems seeder from Australia.

6. “Fatal farm accident reinforces need to watch for power lines.” A tragic story published in June about the death of Carrot River Valley farmer Francis Rodier.

5. “Cattle bloat: early diagnosis, treatment is essential.” A column by Alberta veterinarian Roy Lewis about the cause and treatment of chronic bloaters.

4. “Could India’s 2016 monsoon disappoint again?” This one lit up our analytics when it was published in January, predicting that “western Canadian farmers are expected to plant more peas and lentils in 2016, based on intense Indian demand for those crops.” They did indeed.

3. “116 bushel canola in Saskatchewan.” Another story that remained popular throughout the year. It is about the winner of the DuPont Pioneer’s 2015 Yield Challenge Contest, Florian Hagmann, who farms near Birch Hills, Sask.

2. “Bin fire destroys 1,600 bushels of canola.” The photo and story published in December are about a 2,300-bu. hopper bin that contained 1,600 bushels of canola when it caught fire near Kelvington, Sask.

1. Our top story last year had more than twice as many page views as the second place story — with 109,499 views. Readers swamped producer.com as soon as we posted it. “Tisdale, Sask., farm sells for $26.5 million.” Published in September, the sale of Miner Creek Farm by producer Sam Rey was thought to be Western Canada’s largest operating farm sale.

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