AG Notes

Economist leads agriculture advocacy group

Fiona Cook will serve as the Grain Growers of Canada’s executive director.

Cook holds two degrees in economics from McGill University and has worked at the Chemistry Industry Association and the Forestry Products Association.

Barley appointments

Bryan Adam of Alberta Barley and Markus Haerle with Grain Farmers of Ontario were recently appointed directors to the Barley Council of Canada.

The BCC board includes representatives from malting, brewing, feed users, grain handlers and exporters, researchers, and seed and life sciences companies.

The BCC’s 2016 board of directors:

  • Brian Otto, Western Barley Growers Association: chair
  • Chantelle Donahue, Cargill Canada: vice-chair
  • Luke Harford, Beer Canada: treasurer
  • Zenneth Faye, Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission: secretary
  • Bryan Adam: Alberta Barley representative
  • Aaron Beattie: University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre
  • Bob Sutton: Malting Industry Association of Canada
  • Dean Harder: Manitoba Wheat and Barley Association
  • Garnet Berge: B.C. Grain Producers
  • Markus Haerle: Grain Farmers of Ontario
  • Rod Merryweather: FP Genetics
  • William Van Tassel: Fédération des Producteurs de Cultures Commerciales du Québec.

Funding For AgWeather

AgWeather is getting $3 million from the federal and Quebec governments to strengthen the Ouebec AgWeather.

The installation of 84 new automated weather stations will help provide the agriculture community with a range of quality, accurate weather data on an hourly basis.

The website is available to all agricultural entrepreneurs and stakeholders. It helps to better assess risks associated with weather conditions, water or pesticide use, outbreak of pests, crop planning and marketing.

Sheep research

The federal and Quebec governments are renewing their funding agreement between the Centre of Expertise for Sheep Production in Quebec and the Quebec Department of Agriculture.

The $545,000 will be used to improve the quality of lamb meat and animal health and develop and optimize sheep genetics.


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