Meat horse prices increase

A second meat buyer for horses in Alberta is pushing the price of horses at the auction higher.

Doug Verstraete, manager of Beaver Hill Auctions, said the price of loose horses averaged 55 to 60 cents a pound, but some prices reached as high as 70 cents per lb.

“Just having another buyer alone helps the price,” said Verstraete of Tofield.

“Meat prices are what drives the floor prices. There are lots of these loose horses.”

Beaver Hill has a monthly horse sale, but recently added the extra monthly loose horse sale to deal with the number of people wanting to sell horses at the higher price.

Verstraete said the demand for horses is higher because Canadian Premium Meats, a European Union approved facility in Lacombe, is buying horses at their auction market.

Before, only Bouvry Exports was buying horses for its Fort MacLeod processing facility.

Duane Daines of Innisfail Auction Mart said prices at their recent Saturday horse auction were strong for loose horses and horses ridden into the ring.

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  • Barb3000

    As long as there is rampant over breeding of horses that is just how long there will be horses sent to slaughter to die a terrible, cruel death. No one considers the fact that if horses had never existed large parts of Canada would still not be explored because it would have needed horses to pull the wagons and carry the people. It was many years before the car was invented so everyone that needed to make a trip or go into town would either have walked or driven a team of oxen. Just think about that.

    • myGodknowsyou

      Barb let me also enlighten you about what else Canada horse farms were doing and making tons of money at ! The hormone product premarin that was used for women going through the change of life ,was made from pregnant mare urine ? Yep that’s right !. The horse farms were mostly in Canada and the mare once bred and confirmed pregnant had a urinary catheter placed into her bladder and she was kept in a stall 4×6 no room to lay down or turn around at all for fear of that Cath of coming out they could only move forward and backward the whole time they were pregnant . The urine was collected and sent to the mfg for processing . When time for the foal to be born some would just let the mare give birth outside in the cold and snow and let the foal die . Sending the mare to be bred again . Other farms would send new foals to rescues to be raised if they survived and yes a lot of these horses were purebred reg horses and you could get papers on the foals that went to the rescues . When the general public found out about this, myself included I refused to take the drug any longer as did thousands of other women so the drug company NOLONGER needed the urine as sales had plummeted . So the farms had to shut down flooding the US with thousands of horses ,And Canada sent thousands to either rescues here in the US or sold them at Kill Auctions . It was a horrible time for all horses and rescues trying to keep them from the kill buyers .

      • Tammy Larson

        There are still PMU farms, they’re just mostly in China now.

  • comedyflyer

    I put the wrong comment here…sorry…coping & pasting gone wrong…lol

  • shoshone101

    Dog food manufacturers won’t use horsemeat in their product because of fear of being sued but big business is happily sending our drug contaminated horsemeat to foreign countries for human consumption. Who cares if the consumers think the meat is from clean drug free wild horses as long as big bucks are made.

  • Gayle Mcdonnell

    Dog food made from horse meat lines the intestines and rots the gut and intestines of the dogs, killing them.

  • NormanWells

    Sounds like I have to try some of this.


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