Serving up an old favourite for a limited engagement, with a twist

Western people are tough, innovative, talented, entrepreneurial and hard-working.

Is it the weather? The pioneer mentality? Whatever the personality-forming elements, we’re one amazing bunch, and in this edition of The Western Producer, we are celebrating some of the people who embody the western ethic.

We have adopted the name of this edition from a magazine the Producer published for years, which contained everything from profiles to columns to crossword puzzles. Western People was populated with folks of all ages who pursued all endeavours, from figure skating to novel-writing, gardening to rodeo.

This edition is a little different from the original Western People. We’ve taken a more agricultural angle, in keeping with the Producer’s general approach to coverage.

We’ve talked to scientists and foodies, farm group leaders and politicians, an artist with a distinctly farm-based sentiment and one of the world’s leading ex-perts in water. All of our profile subjects have done something amazing, are doing something amazing and likely will do something amazing in the future. All of them are linked to agriculture, in a reasonably direct way.

We decided it was a great time to profile western people worth knowing. The people on these pages make an impact. Many of them are taking agriculture into a future which, while never certain, looks brighter than ever before.

This edition follows a year of significant change in Canadian agriculture, particularly western Canadian agriculture. Some of our profile subjects reflect those changes in what they do and how they’re doing it.

If you read them all, you’ll get the picture. This industry of yours is fascinating, ever-changing, technologically challenging and one of the most interesting places to be right now.

We also chose to profile people who are driving the industry because we will be there with them, covering agriculture for years to come.

We certainly have the experience.

In 2013, The Western Producer will celebrate 90 years of publication. We may be getting older, but we are definitely getting better. We are bigger, prettier and faster (online) than we have ever been. We have an incredible, experienced, ridiculously hard-working team. We have in-formed, engaged and well-trained journalists who tell your stories and provide important information every day and every week. We love what we do, and we love this industry.

We’re proud of our history and excited about our future — just like you are.

Please enjoy this issue. We don’t pretend for a moment that we caught every mover and shaker in agriculture — far from it — but we do offer you a great cross-section, an indication of who is out there, working hard. That’s what western people do.

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