Sections change to bring you more good stuff

By all accounts, there’s only one thing that interests farmers as much as the weather, and that’s markets.

If you have been watching and reading closely, you will know by now that this week’s Western Producer is a bit different from what you’re accustomed to. The reason for the changes is simple: we’re trying to cram in as much markets information as possible.

Starting in this edition, the markets chart that formerly ran on page 8 moves to the back of the paper, facing the weather page.

This provides more space at the front for markets stories written, assigned or chosen by markets editor D’Arce McMillan.

D’Arce wrote about the changes in his column last week if you would like to check it out.

The markets section has become a destination for WP readers, who have told us in no uncertain terms that they want more markets information.

This is becoming even more crucial as the changes stemming from the eradication of the CWB’s single desk begin to roll out.

The other noticeable change will be the new home of Farm Living, edited by Karen Morrison. This section, with its softer focus, has traditionally been at the “back of the book” as newspaper lingo has it.

It was positioned there years ago, when The Western Producer could not offer colour on every page. Editors at the time rightly thought it was important to have colour for the lovely lifestyle photos of food, families and farmyards that usually run in Farm Living, and colour was available in that location.

However, about a year and a half ago, the WP was able to change its configuration to provide colour throughout each edition.

Moving Farm Living to the inside section, as we call it, will therefore not take away from the photography and design that makes that section special, while opening up a back page for the markets chart.

Change is always a little annoying, even if it’s for the best, so we do hope that you spend some time getting used to the new configuration.

We did it to increase markets coverage, which we think is a good reason.

We would also really like to hear from you.

A survey has been set up to gauge your reaction to our changes at You could even win prizes.



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