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Going the distance

Edward Hoculak, 90, brings in the harvest.

Check out the gorgeous blue sky that blazed near Star, Alta., last week as Edward Hoculak, 90, harvested a crop of oats.
“My father gets younger every harvest. He truly is amazing,” said his son, Ward, in an e-mail that accompanied these photos. Ward runs the farm but is glad of extra help at harvest.

Edward Hoculak and grandson Matthew

Edward is a veteran of the Second World War who spent five years overseas between 1941 and 1945. Ward’s wife, Jacqueline, says Edward helps out every year at harvest. He is pictured here flying solo and also with his grandson, Matthew, who is 12.
“Where Dad goes, there is Matt right with him,” says Ward. “They are the dynamic duo.” Or maybe stars from Star?
Harvest was completed last Saturday on the farm, with good yields on the oats. There probably aren’t too many 90-year-olds who can easily get into a combine every fall. And it’s good to see the younger generation taking an interest in granddad as well as in harvest.


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