Gluten-free oat processor planned in Sask.

Construction of a new facility to process gluten-free oats will begin this spring south of Regina.

Avena Foods Ltd. announced today it would build at Rowatt, where its partner Best Cooking Pulses operates.

Avena’s current mill in Regina will continue to operate as well.

The Rowatt mill will open in 2021, more than doubling Avena’s current production capacity.

“This expansion builds on the achievements of the pedigreed seed farmers who founded Avena,” said chief executive officer Gord Flaten.

Avena was founded in 2008 by growers committed to producing gluten-free oats for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Two years ago, Avena and Best Cooking Pulses announced a partnership that would give Avena access to BCP’s Purity Protocol program that guarantees products free from wheat, barley and rye.

At the time, the companies said the partnership would result in new products, efficiencies and stronger sales presence.



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