Camelina oil, now used to make biofuel, bioplastics and lubricants, could be fed to laying hens to improve omega 3 content of eggs.  |  File photo

Feeding camelina boosts omega 3

RED DEER — Adding camelina to a laying hen’s diet could improve the omega 3 content of eggs. “It is not a perfect seed, it is not a perfect feedstuff, but it has some advantages that will represent good opportunities for broilers, layers and eventually turkeys,” Eduardo Beltranena told the Western Canada Poultry Research Workshop […] Read more

Humane Society International is pushing for battery cages to be phased out entirely, giving birds access to the entire barn floor, but producers argue that causes territorial issues and birds can peck one another to death.  |  File photo

Humane housing may take decades

WINNIPEG (Reuters) — Canada’s egg farmers plan to replace conventional hen cages with more humane conditions over the next 20 years, amid growing pressure from consumers, restaurants and food companies. The plan, announced Feb. 5 by Egg Farmers of Canada, an industry group that manages nearly all of the country’s egg supply, comes as McDonald’s […] Read more

Egg Farmers of Alberta has started a program to look at food safety and animal welfare programs already in place and assess overall industry performance in those areas.  |  File photo

Producers assess sustainability

Egg Farmers of Alberta wants to narrow the great divide between producers and the millions of consumers who buy their products each year. A sustainability strategy has been launched to assess the state of egg farming in the province. Egg farmers already follow mandatory food safety and animal welfare programs as part of their license […] Read more