Alberta’s carbon tax plan may offer insight for others

Many Alberta farmers say program exemptions mean the new carbon tax isn’t as costly as some feared it would be

There has been much hand wringing in the farm community about carbon taxes but the experience hasn’t been too bad so far in the one prairie province that has one. “The hit wasn’t as hard on a lot of producers as we thought it was going to be,” said Lynn Jacobson, president of the Alberta […] Read more

Sask. vows to fight Ottawa’s carbon tax plan in court

Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall says the province will take Ottawa to court if it imposes a carbon-pricing plan. Environment minister Catherine McKenna last week released a technical discussion paper that outlines what the federal government would implement if the province doesn’t come up with a plan of its own. “This federal government white paper is […] Read more

Trudeau talks carbon while touring Saskatchewan farm

GRAY, Sask. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau eagerly climbed into the sprayer and combine and got down to the ground to examine an air drill during his visit to a Saskatchewan grain farm last week. Rural Saskatchewan didn’t vote for him, but those on hand to witness his enthusiasm and many questions about the technology […] Read more

Opinions mixed on carbon tax

After 75 minutes of debate at a Keystone Agricultural Producers meeting last month, it’s hard to say where the average Manitoba farmer stands on a carbon tax. Some want to fight it, others want a provincial referendum, others say farmers should get a refund and some say it’s inevitable, so farmers should be negotiating with […] Read more

Trudeau talks with Sask. farm leaders, not backing down on carbon tax

GRAY, Sask. — Prime minister Justin Trudeau says he understands the concerns Saskatchewan farmers have about carbon tax but he isn’t backing down from imposing one. Speaking to more than 100 people packed into the Gray Recreation Centre April 27, he said he appreciates how technology and innovation have helped farmers become more efficient and […] Read more

Man’s relationship with carbon polarizing

One gets a tusk, the next the trunk, a third the tail, the fourth man an ear and so on. Each is challenged to describe the elephant’s apparent properties based on their perceptions (and pre-existing perspectives) as a result of that single sensory experience. It’s a tale of multiple truths and realities that devolve into […] Read more

Alta. greenhouse growers brace for carbon tax impact

Alberta’s carbon levy, set to go into effect in January, will cost greenhouse growers an estimated $10,000 per acre next year, says the vice-chair of the Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association. The levy will raise natural gas prices by $1 per gigajoule in the first year and another 50 cents per gigajoule in 2018 under the […] Read more

Sask. tailored carbon plan better route for agriculture

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has judged the Canadian public guilty of contributing to climate change to the tune of 1.6 percent of global emissions of greenhouse gases, and he has now entered the sentencing phase. Trudeau proclaimed our guilt in April when he signed the Paris agreement, aimed at curbing global warming emissions. The agreement […] Read more

Saskatchewan premier refuses to budge on carbon tax stance

Brad Wall is opposed to the federal proposal, saying it hurts sectors like agriculture, mining and oil and gas

Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall has said the province’s climate change proposal won’t contain carbon tax exemptions for farmers. That’s OK with the president of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan, as long as the plan offers relief in some other way. Norm Hall said provincial greenhouse gas mitigation legislation, passed in 2010 but never proclaimed, […] Read more