DeVar Dahl recently led a tour of habitat that supports northern leopard frogs. No frogs were heard or seen Oct. 18 in Magrath, Alta., but the group got a look at prime habitat for the animals.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Have leopard frogs changed their spots?

Frogs are a litmus test for the health of riparian areas and efforts are underway to increase populations in Alberta after years of decline

MAGRATH, Alta. — As a youth, DeVar Dahl used to chase and capture northern leopard frogs in ponds in and around his southern Alberta hometown of Magrath, Alta. Later, as a young teacher, he would capture frogs for use in teaching biology classes. But when he revisited those ponds to share the fun of frog […] Read more

Sugar beet growers went all in when genetically modified varieties were introduced. Virtually all beets grown in southern Alberta are now glyphosate tolerant.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: GM sugar beets revolutionize industry

Growers say the glyphosate-tolerant varieties have eased crop management and reduced crop’s environmental impact

Alberta sugar beet growers embraced glyphosate-tolerant varieties when they first became available about 10 years ago. They’ve never looked back. The technology has revolutionized crop management and growers say it has also reduced the environmental impact of producing the labour-intensive crop. “It’s nine years since we’ve been growing glyphosate-tolerant sugar beets,” said Alberta Sugar Beet […] Read more

Ralph Goodale, Saskatchewan MP and minister for public safety, speaks in Saskatoon at a Chamber of Commerce event on trade about the USMCA.  |  Michael Raine photo

VIDEO: Likely last of the big deals threatening supply management

The government didn’t doubt the sincerity of the United States’ chief negotiator when he told them his President wanted Canada’s supply management systems “gone.” Settling an update for the North American Free Trade Agreement had become tied to a few concessions on Canada’s part to ensure that a dispute resolution tool, outside of the U.S. […] Read more

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ont. drew good crowds, in part due to favourable weather, for its 25th annual event.  |  Michael Raine photo

Video highlights of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show – 2018

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show celebrated its 25th anniversary this summer and The Western Producer was there.  Watch the following video for some of the highlights of our coverage: 00:50  – Jens Schmidt of Herbert Dammann talks about the Profi-Class sprayer. 03:40  – Bruce Burnett from MarketsFarm discusses grain markets in the Trump era. 08:10  – […] Read more

Emerson Tabelon and his family entered a contest and won a visit to a working egg farm. Here, he poses with flats of eggs collected at the Brant Hutterite Colony egg operation. | Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Egg farm welcomes contest-winning visitor

The Tabelon family said they were impressed by what they saw while visiting the Brant Hutterite Colony in Alberta

BRANT, Alta. — Nole Tabelon was impressed by the 15,500 chickens he saw Aug. 23. That’s how many are housed in a free-run system at the Brant Hutterite Colony, which he and his family visited after winning a contest organized by Egg Farmers of Alberta. “It was pretty interesting. I didn’t expect there to be […] Read more

A bale is loaded into the Maximizer. Inventor Emil Gulbranson of Vanderhoof, B.C., says it costs about $3 per bale to dry it down to acceptable levels, plus the cost of loader and operator.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: New hay dryer saves leaves and bales

The British Columbia-built machine can dry 18-24 bales an hour, allowing producers to harvst hay when quality is best

NOBLEFORD, Alta. — In the Vanderhoof, B.C., region, 2016 was a bad year for hay. There was lots of rain and not enough time between showers for the swaths to adequately dry for baling. Emil Gulbranson and his son, Chandler, were frustrated by the weather, so they sought hay-drying solutions. They looked around Canada and […] Read more

Julia Palmer listens to grazing consultant Jim Gerrish discuss proper stocking rates for this pasture while getting a close look at the foliage. She was among the participants in a three-day grazing school held Aug. 15-17.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Overgrazing starts with a ‘fear of wasting grass’

Grazing consultant says management can ensure the best possible use of grass, whether it is being grazed, hayed or rested

FORT MACLEOD, Alta. — It wasn’t exactly a meeting of Overgrazers Anonymous, though grazing consultant Jim Gerrish called it that, tongue in cheek. In fact, those enrolled in a three-day grazing school are probably least likely to overgraze grassland and pasture by virtue of their attendance and what they learned. Gerrish had participants take what […] Read more

CropPro Consulting uses this truck to pull its SWAT BOX, enabling it to gather soil electrical conductivity reading when fields are soft or in snowy conditions. The SWAT BOX can also be mounted on farm implements. | Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: VR mapping services win national award

LANGHAM, Sask. — CropPro Consulting won an Equipment Manufacturers of Canada award for top new product in the agribusiness services category for its SWAT MAPS service. SWAT MAPS is the company name for its variable rate process. It stands for soil, water and topography maps and it details changes across fields and enables creation of […] Read more

The drive system on Kramble Industries’ remote-controlled electric drive system retrofit for straight grain augers has a motor mounted on each drive wheel. | Robin Booker photo

Grain auger mover eases pain-in-the-back chore

LANGHAM, Sask. — A remote-controlled, electric drive system retrofit for straight grain augers promises to make moving them around the yard much easier. “It’s very handy and a lot better than trying to push them around by hand and getting into chiropractor bills,” said Doug Kramble of Kramble Industries at his vendor booth at the […] Read more