Critics of China policy provide no firm solutions

Opposition MPs are tasked with poking and prodding the government to find weaknesses, which, in an ideal world, would bring about changes in policy to address those shortcomings. And so we have seen a lot of debate over what Canada should do to address China’s intransigence in the current trade dispute, but the opposition has […] Read more

Farmers should examine procedures following ban

If, as is suspected, veterinary health certificates for pork exports to China were falsified by an exterior source, it is ironic that Canadian pork quality is so well respected that it was deemed to be worthy of counterfeiting, and thus caused a disruption in trade. Such is the precarious state of trade with China these […] Read more

Food policy is a good start but must be taken further

Canada’s first attempt at a national food policy covers the foundation of the food supply, but it reads more like a check-off of an election promise than a roadmap to better nutrition for Canadians. The Liberals’ election promise of creating a food policy has ostensibly been met with the announcement of the “ambitious initiative” earlier […] Read more

Farmer co-operation can combat cyberbullying

The dilemma of consumer education about agriculture is intensifying. One important way to engage in consumer education about farm practices is online — specifically, social media. But now it appears that the rational voices of some farmers are being hounded out of social media through cyberbullying. Surveys show that farmers are the most-trusted source of […] Read more

Goodale’s AgriRecovery suggestion worth study

Saskatchewan MP Ralph Goodale’s position on the potential use of AgriRecovery to backstop farmers during the trade dispute with China is a welcome development. It would be an extraordinary use of the program, but then Canadian farmers are in an extraordinary situation. Funding for AgriRecovery is split 60-40 with the provinces, and indeed, the program’s […] Read more

Now is the time for farmers to join support programs

Canadian farmers had a rough time of it last year. They’re likely to have it rough again this year. And unless export disputes are settled, 2020 will be rough too. So it is prudent that farmers consider — or in many cases reconsider — registration in government-run business risk management programs. AgriStability and AgriInvest, in […] Read more

Campaign to help canola takes aim at wrong target

The grassroots Suits and Boots campaign that was so successful in helping to pressure federal politicians into changing Bill C-69 could well have the opposite effect in targeting China over its ban on Canadian canola. The not-for-profit organization founded by Edmonton businessperson and former Conservative party leadership candidate Rick Peterson lobbied for changes to the […] Read more

When will our legal system start protecting farmers?

Canada’s legal system must take the illegal activities of animal rights protesters more seriously than the judgment in a recent Ontario break-and-enter case implies. It isn’t just a matter of the law — though that is important. It’s also a matter of jeopardizing the physical property of farms and the safety of animals. Breaking into […] Read more

WTO complaint on canola would be timely move

A complaint to the World Trade Organization about China’s refusal to allow imports of Canadian canola is a prudent step that would address the political necessity of showing strength on the issue. It might also force Chinese officials to justify their actions. As things stand, the intransigence of China during this dispute leaves Prime Minister […] Read more

Canada closely watches European-American talks

If U.S. President Donald Trump is successful in forcing the European Union to include agriculture in upcoming trade talks, Canada may well be cheering from the sidelines. The EU has announced that agriculture will not be a part of talks. In response, Trump has threatened to place tariffs on imports of European autos — a […] Read more