Alta. opposition off base on farm safety legislation

Alberta United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney’s vow to repeal Bill 6 is unsavoury political opportunism. Such a promise ignores the fact that agriculture is one of the most dangerous occupations in Canada, and that while fatality and injury numbers are dropping, they continue to be significant. And Kenney would do nothing about it, decrying […] Read more

Feds must support farmers if trade war turns ugly

The machinations going on behind the scenes in the trade dispute between the United States and China spilled into the public realm last week, and it’s likely that Canada’s farmers will get caught up in the crossfire. If so, the Canadian government must be prepared to act. Early last month, Canadian officials submitted a question […] Read more

Speedy disclosure necessary for respected food system

Canadian grain officials are confident that a visiting delegation from Japan will be satisfied that Canada’s wheat system does not contain the genetically modified variety found in a roadside ditch in Alberta last summer. Based on the testing and the resources that have been put into the investigation, there is every reason to believe that […] Read more

TPP-11 ratification must be a priority for House

For Canadian agriculture, the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity. The agreement is on track to pass through the House by the fall, but we must be mindful of what can happen if MPs lose focus. Bill C-49, which updated transportation rules to address — among other things — how grain is […] Read more

Trump exploits myths around supply management

At the meeting of G7 nations last weekend, U.S. President Donald Trump used bully tactics to get Trump-favorable language in a joint message designed to play well at his core supporters back home. The member nations all reached agreement on the document, but in the end Trump didn’t sign. He launched a written attack on […] Read more

Why can’t Alberta end the squatter’s law?

It’s a chilling thought that land you own, or think you own, can legally be claimed by someone else. Under Alberta’s law of adverse possession, that’s exactly what can happen and it’s exactly why this archaic law should be stricken from the books. Adverse possession is better known as squatter’s rights. It allows a person […] Read more

Roll over, U.S. elephant; the mouse has roared

U.S. President Donald Trump is right: Canadians have exercised our dominance over the Americans on trade for long enough. The mouse has been nipping away at the elephant’s toes for so long that it can barely stand. Animal rights groups are now lamenting the fate of the elephant. As the president noted, we are indeed […] Read more

MPs, senators should use break to reflect on C-49

Maybe it’s a good thing that Parliament is quiet this week. House Liberals and senators will have a chance to re-examine their dispute over Bill C-49. Their actions so far on the omnibus transportation bill that, among other things, addresses grain movement on Canada’s railways, appear to be the product of a power struggle. The […] Read more

Feds must play hardball with Italy on durum

Since January, Cereals Canada has been calling for the Canadian government to formally lodge a complaint to the European Union or the World Trade Organization about Italy’s campaign to undermine Canadian durum. It is time to move on this. It’s not just a matter of fairness. Canada risks gaining a reputation as a country that […] Read more

‘Sound bite’ labels fall short of what’s really needed

Health Canada’s proposals for updating the food guide were always going to stir up debate, but a controversial suggestion to move to front-of-package labelling goes too far. The recommendations say Canadians should pay closer attention to what we eat, following a set of guiding principles. The latter is where the debate becomes harder to digest. […] Read more