Roll over, U.S. elephant; the mouse has roared

U.S. President Donald Trump is right: Canadians have exercised our dominance over the Americans on trade for long enough. The mouse has been nipping away at the elephant’s toes for so long that it can barely stand. Animal rights groups are now lamenting the fate of the elephant. As the president noted, we are indeed […] Read more

MPs, senators should use break to reflect on C-49

Maybe it’s a good thing that Parliament is quiet this week. House Liberals and senators will have a chance to re-examine their dispute over Bill C-49. Their actions so far on the omnibus transportation bill that, among other things, addresses grain movement on Canada’s railways, appear to be the product of a power struggle. The […] Read more

Feds must play hardball with Italy on durum

Since January, Cereals Canada has been calling for the Canadian government to formally lodge a complaint to the European Union or the World Trade Organization about Italy’s campaign to undermine Canadian durum. It is time to move on this. It’s not just a matter of fairness. Canada risks gaining a reputation as a country that […] Read more

‘Sound bite’ labels fall short of what’s really needed

Health Canada’s proposals for updating the food guide were always going to stir up debate, but a controversial suggestion to move to front-of-package labelling goes too far. The recommendations say Canadians should pay closer attention to what we eat, following a set of guiding principles. The latter is where the debate becomes harder to digest. […] Read more

Ongoing farm consolidation major land ownership issue

One has to be an optimist to see the report by the Senate agriculture committee on farmland ownership as providing the ultimate solution to the protection of farmland and a decline of the number of farms, but so be it. Optimism it is — if the recommendations are heartily embraced and enacted full throttle. Remembering, […] Read more

Out of Humboldt Broncos tragedy will come hope

Very few of us will make it through life without knowing tragedy. We are never prepared for it, and when it comes, it comes with disbelief and unbearable sadness. Our world stops. And so we watched in shock last Friday as the small city of Humboldt, Sask., coped with the death of 15 people and […] Read more

The real issue with Golden Rice is that it’s a GMO, which Greenpeace and other opponents despise so much that they are willing to watch millions of people suffer and die rather than give an inch to science. | File photo

Health Canada is obligated to approve Golden Rice

Health Canada’s decision to approve Golden Rice as safe for sale in Canada is the right move, despite complaints by some who are questioning why the government department is even looking at the genetically modified food. The announcement came last month, after Heath Canada concluded that Golden Rice “did not pose a greater risk to […] Read more

Liberals must now show grain movement leadership

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau wears his social justice credentials on his sleeve, but does he have the capacity for tough love? He’s going to need lots of it if he’s to take on captains of the railroad industry, opportunistic politicians in British Columbia, environmentalists and an abundance of protest groups to do what needs to […] Read more

Farmers justified to expect full access to equipment

Farm equipment has grown in complexity, along with the tasks that are asked of it. Manufacturers have developed better tools with each generation: some innovative, some adding capacity, some improving sustainability, but all of them using technologies that are more difficult to diagnose, maintain and modify than those that came before. Many farm machinery builders […] Read more

Farmers deserve better than latest rail-grain crisis

How did we fall into another grain transportation fiasco with Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway offering the same justification as they did in 2013-14 — weather and volume? Farmers have been increasing production for some time, and it’s not as if cold Canadian winters should surprise. This is an embarrassment to the rail […] Read more