Recent JBS cyberattack shows wider vulnerability

Recent JBS cyberattack shows wider vulnerability

The North American food system found itself struggling last week under the weight of news that JBS, the world’s largest meat packer, had been hacked by miscreants. The company temporarily halted some operations to deal with resulting computer network issues. Computer criminals based in Russia have been targeting North American businesses and extorting payments in […] Read more

The UN Food Systems Summit scheduled for this fall in New York  is farming’s equivalent of the meetings that birthed the Paris agreement on climate change. Western Canada needs to ensure that its regional reality is recognized in that process. | Screencap via

Nine billion people or not? Producers need new focus

A few years from now, in about 2028, there will be eight billion people on the planet. The possibility of growing to nine billion, a 2050 United Nations’ projection, has captivated speakers in the food and agriculture realm for the past 15 years. But now there’s growing skepticism about that predicted growth. A global population […] Read more

At its surface, Bill C-208 is about fairness. Currently a farmer who sells assets to a family member can ultimately pay more in taxes than a farmer who sells to a third party. Bill C-208 potentially puts the farming relative who receives the land on the same footing as any other buyer. 
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Taxation rules need review in farm transfer cases

Taxes are inevitable unless you can convince governments that they are unfair or impractical. This week the Canadian Senate has the job of considering a private member’s bill that passed the House of Commons and would potentially reduce the cost of passing on a farm to a family member. Farmland has grown in value over […] Read more

U.S. ag pollution study has Canadian implications

U.S. ag pollution study has Canadian implications

Farming, like most industrial activities, generates byproducts from its operations. Those can generate headlines. It can be difficult to determine which byproducts and which headlines are important for the sector to address. A recently released study, the first of its kind, has generated headlines across North America about American livestock operations located in highly populated […] Read more

Global trade a bulwark against economic challenge

Global trade a bulwark against economic challenge

Self-reliance is a laudable attribute in some instances but it’s not one Canadians should consider for themselves, or encourage in others, when agriculture is involved. We’re exporters. Our economy is structured around building stuff, growing stuff, digging stuff up and then shipping it out. Exports are about 33 percent of our gross domestic product, about […] Read more

Easier to raise myths than sustainably produced beef

Easier to raise myths than sustainably produced beef

The beef with beef is spreading. It’s spreading myths. It’s spreading misinformation. And, it’s spreading a danger to the environment. A little bit of truth can go a long way toward making a lie seem right. Concerns about beef most recently arose following a move by food publisher Epicurious. The well-known online food site has […] Read more

It’s the pledge of $1 billion for expansion of high-speed internet to rural and remote areas that really gives this budget the feel of a pre-election event. | Getty Images

Budget’s agriculture focus should not be overlooked

Canada could set bigger goals, but more budgets like the one tabled last week will be needed in the future, with greater focus on the realities of agriculture. Several farm groups have congratulated the federal government on the agriculture content within the latest federal budget. For the most part, they are right to do so. […] Read more

The majority of the money, about $630 million,

Future of feather sector acknowledged in payments

Poultry and egg producers got what they were looking for last week when the federal government announced investment funding to compensate for market losses due to the Comprehensive and Progressive agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) deal. The dairy and feather supply-managed sectors have been promised compensation in exchange for increased international access to Canadian markets. […] Read more

The PMRA worked with farmer groups to sample water around farmland where neonics were used. Those results were responsible, at least in part, for acceptance of continued neonic use. | File photo

Science has prevailed in PMRA’s neonic ruling

The recent neonics nod has left farmers pleasantly surprised and environmental groups deeply disappointed. The agricultural industry waited with some trepidation this spring for a ruling by Health Canada on use of neonicotinoid insecticides, which are used to control various production-limiting crop pests. Three years ago the Pest Management Regulatory Agency made a preliminary decision […] Read more

The government is asking for interested parties to put in their two cents. For farmers, these regulations are worth a lot more than that. | Getty Images

Canadian gene editing rule deserves farmer support

While it might be arriving at seeding time, it might also be worth having some say. Canada’s proposed rules for gene-edited crops are up for discussion for the next month or so and, so far, things are looking good for a science-based outcome, one that is compatible with other major exporters including the United States. […] Read more