In a joint statement, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Trade Representative listed a number of steps taken that should help boost U.S. exports of beef, poultry and other farm products to China, and said U.S. food and agricultural products exports were benefiting from Chinese tariff relief.|  REUTERS/Aly Song photo

Disputes with China accelerated and frozen by COVID-19

Where will Canadian farmers stand in a new Cold War?

In some ways the COVID-19 crisis has frozen Canada’s and other countries’ disputes with China, drawing everybody’s attention to the immediate needs of preserving national healthcare systems, protecting people’s health, and dealing with the devastating job losses and business failures provoked by the coronavirus. Just today the U.S. government announced that over 30 million U.S. […] Read more

The U.S. based National Pork Producers Council was less politic in its response to WHO’s recommendation against preventive treatment, calling it “ill-advised and wrong.”
 | File photo

New antibiotic guidelines ‘ill advised’

Recommendations from the World Health Organization that farmers stop using antibiotics to prevent illness are not sitting easily with all livestock producer groups. WHO released its recommendations on antibiotic use Nov. 7 with the goal of helping to preserve effectiveness of the drugs in the face of growing bacterial resistance that could pose a threat […] Read more