Winter camelina matures earlier than spring camelina and can be harvested as early as the beginning of July.  |  File photo

Winter camelina could fill prairie rotation gap

An Agriculture Canada researcher has found a variety from the United States that can tolerate cold winters

Winter wheat acres are in a free fall. In 2015, prairie growers seeded about 680,000 acres of winter wheat. Since then, acres have consistently dropped, hitting 335,000 acres in 2018, based on Statistics Canada data. Much of the decline can be blamed on poor conditions in late summer and early autumn. Soils were perhaps too […] Read more

Dry conditions in southern areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta are limiting winter cereal seeding so far, as farmers wait for rain. | File photo

Winter cereal producers in holding pattern as clouds loom

Dry conditions in southern areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta are limiting winter cereal seeding so far, as farmers wait for rain. But that’s not the best strategy, according to Cordon Geisam, southern Saskatchewan/southeastern Alberta territorial manager for FP Genetics, a Regina-based seed company that deals in fall rye hybrids. Geisam said farmers who wait for […] Read more

Agrologist says producers shouldn’t wait for ideal moisture to plant winter wheat. The ideal seeding window is the second week of September.  |  File photo

Dryness challenges winter wheat seeding

The arrival of August means harvest will soon be underway for growers across the West. For winter wheat producers, it also means that the ideal window for seeding winter cereals is just around the corner. Paul Thoroughgood, a winter wheat producer and regional agrologist with Ducks Unlimited, said juggling harvest operations with fall seeding can […] Read more

Wheat markets are focusing on Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas where extreme drought conditions are threatening yields.  |  File photo

World wheat off to good start

Conditions in EU good, China improving | Analyst doubts Crimean conflict will disrupt exports

Winter wheat crops are shaping up nicely around the world despite dryness in the United States and the threat of war in Ukraine, says an industry analyst. “Globally it looks like the winter wheat crop is going to be most likely larger than last year,” said Bruce Burnett, CWB weather and crop specialist. The U.S. […] Read more

Night temperatures plunged well below freezing in large parts of the U.S. hard red winter wheat region, damaging crops last week. Freezing rain accompanied the cold in south-central Kansas, coating wheat in ice.  |  Kansas Wheat Commission photo

U.S. winter wheat growers assess recent frost damage

Temperatures below -7 C | Damage won’t be known until the weather warms up

A struggling U.S. winter wheat crop suffered what could be a serious blow last week when temperatures dropped below freezing for long stretches twice in 48 hours in large portions of the southern plains. “There’s a pretty widespread area where plants look really bad right now because of that freeze event,” said Justin Gilpin, chief […] Read more

Some farmers waited until late in the fall to seed winter wheat, hoping late fall precipitation would spur crop development.  |  File photo

Dry fall sets back winter wheat acres in Sask.

Nearly 200,000 fewer acres were seeded in Saskatchewan while Manitoba acreage dropped by only 20,000

Dale Hicks was determined to seed winter wheat this fall, even though his soil resembled hardened concrete. “It was so dry (in September) I couldn’t get the drill in the ground,” said Hicks, who farms near Outlook, Sask. “You’d put a drill in the ground and it would just skate on top, or pull up […] Read more

U. S. crop struggles in dry soil

Crop rating lowest ever | Views differ over whether fall condition affects final winter wheat yields

Depending on who you talk to, it’s either way too early to write off the U.S. winter wheat crop or time to pull out the eraser and pencil in a smaller production number. The crop is off to its worst start since condition ratings began in 1986. Only 33 percent of the winter wheat was […] Read more

Winter wheat crops are off to a bad start around the world, but there is plenty of time for them to recover, say analysts. | File photo

Global winter wheat outlook threatened

Poor prospects so far | World winter wheat crops struggling, but analysts say it’s too early to worry about final yields yet

Winter wheat crops are off to a bad start around the world, but there is plenty of time for them to recover, say analysts. Crop establishment has been poor in parts of North America, Europe and Russia, where it is once again too dry to plant a crop in places. Seeding conditions are terrible in […] Read more

American farmers seeding winter wheat welcomed rain last weekend after enduring months of drought. More rain will be needed to help with germination and establishment before the crop goes into winter dormancy.  |  File photo

Rain improves U.S. winter wheat prospects

USDA forecasts 55.7 million acres | Rain across Kansas is ‘a godsend’ for crops struggling with extreme drought conditions

Much of Kansas received 25 to 50 millimetres of rainfall last weekend, which is fantastic news for the state’s winter wheat crop, said a spokesperson for the Kansas Wheat Commission. Topsoil and subsoil moisture in Kansas, the largest winter wheat producing state, was rated as short or very short before the rainstorm, and winter wheat […] Read more