Inconsistent wheat quality could risk reputation

Wheat buyers say the Canadian Wheat Board could source grain 
from a variety of sources to give clients the quality they required

Canadian wheat’s quality and consistency aren’t getting better and have actually gotten worse, says Canada’s most prominent baking company. That’s a costly and upsetting situation for a breadmaker that saw decades of stability during the Canadian Wheat Board years. “What we have had over the last couple of years is we have had inconsistency and […] Read more

U.S. millers switch to spring wheat

Canada could be supplier | A hard red winter wheat shortage has forced millers to explore options

CHICAGO (Reuters) — U.S. flour millers are likely to continue using large volumes of spring wheat from the northern U.S. Plains and Canada as a substitute for hard red winter wheat. U.S. farmers grow more HRW wheat than any other type, and it normally trades at a discount to hard red spring wheat, which is […] Read more