Tammy Jones, provincial weed control specialist at Manitoba Agriculture, said as long as weeds have green material that wasn’t annihilated by freezing temperatures, they can take in herbicide, but growers need to wait until they are actively growing. 
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Herbicide spraying window has not closed yet

Weeds can still take in chemical if they have green material, but growers must wait until they are actively growing

There is a good chance it’s too late for a fall herbicide pass on fields lying under knee-deep snow, but in areas where snow is gone or retreating, there may still be time for an effective fall treatment. Tammy Jones, provincial weed control specialist at Manitoba Agriculture, said as long as weeds have green material […] Read more

Goats have been conscripted to help control invasive leafy spurge in the City of Lethbridge’s river valley.  |  Barb Glen photo

VIDEO: Goats offer another city weed control option

Using goats to control weeds is called a great option for urban parks, but those involved say there are definitely challenges

Seeing a goat chewing vigorously on a leafy spurge blossom in its mouth brings a smile to Jackie Cardinal’s face. The invasive weed is a problem in riverside parks within the City of Lethbridge, and Cardinal, the city’s parks natural resource co-ordinator, is pleased to see that goats are now among the control measures. “For […] Read more

The X-Steam-inator has a power take-off-powered generator that supplies electricity to an induction heater that instantly creates steam. The steam is applied to the field with a ceramic-insulated boom, controlling weeds and potentially desiccating crops. | Robin Booker photo

Machine controls weeds with steam

Proponents say herbicide resistance and attacks on glyphosate make it a good time to look for alternative weed control

REGINA — Steam power is returning to prairie fields, but this time as a weed control option that may disrupt conventional broad-acre weed management. “The X-Steam-inator is 100 percent steam, there is no chemical whatsoever in it,” said Ron Gleim, founder of X-Steam-inator. “It’s all electric, there are no boilers, there are no flames, there […] Read more

As part of Manitoba’s Invasive Species Awareness Week April 21-27, the Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association reminds landowners to keep an eye out for red bartsia and other weedy pests.
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Early action by producers called key to controlling invasive weeds

Red bartsia is a tremendous name for a weed. It’s also a tremendous annoyance for forage producers in Manitoba’s Interlake region. The invasive species is native to Europe and arrived in Manitoba in the 1950s, likely in a shipment to the Royal Canadian Air Force base at Gimli. Since that time, red bartsia has invaded […] Read more

Eric Johnson of the University of Saskatchewan’s agriculture college speaking at the Organic Connections Conference and Trade Show held in Saskatoon Nov. 1-3.
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Organic weed war uses ‘many little hammers’

Researchers identify three mechanical control practices for organic farming, but none of them work well on their own

Organic crop researchers are now focused on developing a larger, more diverse tool kit to control weeds. “The research has kind of evolved to the point where we’ve looked at things in isolation and now we’re looking at integrating a number of different factors,” Eric Johnson of the University of Saskatchewan’s agriculture college said during […] Read more