Alta. gov’t shifts veterinary funding to Calgary

The University of Calgary veterinary program is expanding by adding an extra 20 students per year starting in 2020. Each class will have up to 50 students per year. The government of Alberta is shifting enrolment funding of $4.7 million to the Calgary program from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of […] Read more

A vet’s newest tool

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are designing an endoscopy capsule capable of making detailed photographs of a horse’s innards, which are a largely unexplored frontier. “Whenever I talk to students about the horse abdomen, I put up a picture of a horse and put a big question mark in the middle,” said veterinary researcher […] Read more

Antibiotic resistance an ‘emerging crisis’

On-farm use Public health concerns are changing 
the way antibiotics can be used in animal agriculture

ATLANTA, Ga. — Common infections killed thousands every year before the age of antibiotics. Women died of infection after childbirth, pneumonia killed 30 percent of those who contracted it and 70 percent of meningitis patients died. Ear infections caused deafness. Rheumatic fever and heart failure could result from a sore throat. Bacterial resistance followed as […] Read more

Animals made from resin provide ideal teaching tool

Better for animals | Creating a replica, including organs, enables veterinary students to practise without causing stress to real animals

An unconventional marriage between science and art has conceived an unusual teaching model for veterinarians. Alister Cribb, dean of the University of Calgary’s veterinary faculty, approached his neighbour, Russ Gray, in 2009 to build an interactive display of the back half of a cow with a calf inside. He wanted to show children at Aggie […] Read more

Vet graduate eager to put skills to work 

Challenging program | The four year course at the University of Calgary combines academic study with practical field work

Eoin Clancy knew he wanted to be an animal doctor by the age of five. “I thought being a vet would be the coolest thing ever and I just worked toward that,” he said. Clancy and 29 others are members of the class of 2012, the first to complete the University of Calgary’s veterinary medicine […] Read more