Fill’er up … with vegetable oil

Farmer converted his Massey combine to run on used vegetable oil but warns farmers not to try it with expensive machinery

ROSETOWN, Sask. — The fragrance of fresh french fries floats over the field of flax. Ray Labrecque was on the final few rounds to finish harvest on his 1,000-acre farm and had only burned about 200 gallons of diesel in his combine this year. That’s because he converted his 1997 8570 Massey to run on […] Read more

U.S. biodiesel import limit opens door to canola

A biodiesel trade war in the United States should result in new demand for Canadian canola oil, says an economist. The U.S. commerce department issued a preliminary ruling last week paving the way for antidumping duties on imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia. The duties range from 54 to 70 percent on soy biodiesel […] Read more

Palm recovery weighs on oilseed price

The price of canola is determined by a host of factors. The supply and demand of canola is a key determinant but so too the global supply and demand for other types of oilseeds, particularly soybeans and palm oil. Currency fluctuations also work into the price. Canola prices are also affected by the markets for […] Read more

Oil prices set to rise for soy, canola

Expert predicts tight world stocks of vegetable oil will pressure prices for soy oil higher, which in turn will boost canola

Sean Pratt reports from the Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit in Minneapolis, Minn. MINNEAPOLIS, Min. — Market analysts are bearish on most agricultural commodities, but one is definitely bullish on soy oil, which bodes well for canola. Bill Lapp, president of Advanced Economic Solutions, said stocks of most agricultural commodities are rising, but that is […] Read more

Vegetable oil prices rally

Canola has been helped by a demand-driven vegetable oil rally in recent weeks, and some analysts think the rally can continue or at least the gains held. “It’s purely driven by demand, which is good,” said Errol Anderson, editor of the ProMarket Wire. Any dips will be met by additional buying, he said. “If it […] Read more