Richardson International got the ball rolling in March with news that it is doubling the size of its plant in Yorkton. | Twitter/@Richardson_INTL photo

Will value-added crush plants add value for farmers?

Conventional wisdom suggests farmers benefit from domestic value-added projects, but for some farmers and analysts that is debatable. A flurry of proposed new Saskatchewan canola crush projects were announced in the first half of 2021. Richardson got the ball rolling in March with news that it is doubling the size of its plant in Yorkton. […] Read more

Flax oil developers believe art market is game changer

Improvements to flax-based paint could allow company to tap the Canadian and U.S. art market worth more than $100 million

Martin Reaney was faced with a conundrum. He had created a non-bitter flax oil that nobody wanted. It wasn’t until he visited an artist friend that he had his eureka moment for what to do with it. The story begins 15 years ago when Reaney, a University of Saskatchewan plant scientist, decided to find out […] Read more

AGT will receive $500,000 in SLIM funding to improve polishing, bagging and conveyor systems at the company's pulse processing plant in Regina. Saskatchewan micro-brewery Rebellion Brewing will also receive $330,000 to pay for exterior grain storage and a new canning system. | Screencaps via and

AGT, Rebellion tap into SLIM funding

Saskatchewan pulse processor AGT Foods and Ingredients is one of two Saskatchewan companies that will share in more than $800,000 in government grants furnished through the Saskatchewan Lean Improvements to Manufacturing (SLIM) program. Federal and provincial government officials announced in Regina Sept. 29 that AGT will receive $500,000 in SLIM funding to improve polishing, bagging […] Read more

Cheryl Bieda’s pantry is a treasure trove of herbs, spices and dried wild flowers and petals, ready to be included in her personal care products.  |  Barb Glen photo

Soap maker focuses on natural ingredients

FAIRVIEW, Alta. — A Jersey milk cow gave her name to Cheryl Bieda’s business and the arrangement has worked out as smooth as cream — in more ways than one. Misty is the cow, and Misty Meadows Soap is the business, which involves the making and selling of soaps, creams, balms and other products. Bieda […] Read more

Comet Biorefining in Ontario plans to be turning biomass into dextrose for industrial purposes by 2018.  |  File photo

Biomass co-op seeks investment, crop residue commitment

SARNIA, Ont. — Plans are moving forward to build a dextrose plant in Sarnia that would take as much as 75,000 tonnes of corn stover and wheat. According to a joint release from the Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative, Comet Biorefining and Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, crop residues from 55,000 acres of farmland within 100 kilometres of […] Read more

The proposed processing plant will produce and export pea protein and other products.  |  File photo

Pea processing facility planned for Moose Jaw

A German company plans to build a $100 million green pea processing plant in Moose Jaw, Sask. Canadian Protein Innovation has a conditional offer to buy 100 acres of land in the southeastern corner of the city and intends to begin construction in the summer of 2017. “It’s a facility that will process green peas […] Read more

Actor Woody Harrelson is still the celebrity face and a shareholder behind Prairie Paper, but the company has undergone a change of leadership and a shift in business plan.  |  Prairie Paper photo

Straw to paper idea survives

Woody Harrelson’s dream of turning western Canadian straw into paper is still a possibility. The Hollywood actor and former star of Cheers has been the primary investor in a company called Prairie Paper Inc. for more than six years. Since 2010, Harrelson and his partners, including former Manitoba Finance Minister Clayton Manness, have been touting […] Read more

Terra Dionne raises Huacaya and Suri alpacas and Angora goats and uses their processed fibre to make products ranging from cowls to capes.
She shears the animals herself on her rural property east of Saskatoon. | Karen Morrison photo

Grow it, spin it, wear it

BLUCHER, Sask. — The craft of spinning animal fibre into winter woolies started small for Terra Dionne when a friend offered her his Angora rabbits in trade. “I started with one for two cases of beer. He only asked for one (case),” she joked. The rabbits are gone, but today her 80 acre property houses […] Read more

The pea snack Allen Zak of Zak Organics developed with help from the University 
of Saskatchewan Food Centre.  |  Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: New organic snack guilt-free

The peas had cooled down enough from the baking process the previous day and were now being packaged by University of Saskatchewan Food Centre by staff. They wear hairnets and white coats with red collars that allow access to the facility’s organic areas. Allen Zak, chief executive officer of Zak Organics, made a 300- kilometre […] Read more

 Olivia saddles Ivy as one of her six-year-old campers watches. Christalee Froese photo

Family business offers unique rewards

WOLF CREEK, Sask. — When Robin Exner and Barb Price were staff members at Circle Square Ranch in the early 1990s, they could never have imagined that they would still be at the same camp 25 years later. However, after their courtship and marriage, followed by the birth of their first child, the Saskatchewan couple […] Read more